Volumio Changelog


3.631 (Raspberry Pi), 3.629 (Other devices) (26-02-2024)


Fix for USB drive not mounted in some cases
Fix albumart alignment on Manifest UI
Restored gpu settings in config.txt on pi
Fix for wrong size of NAS and CIFS drives


Patched driver for Waveshare DSI displays on Pi
Bump MPD to 0.23.15-2

3.616 (13-02-2024) Hotfix Release


Fix for USB drive not mounted in some cases
Fix albumart alignment on Manifest UI

3.611 (31-01-2024)


Fix for WiFi not working on some RPi0W-2
Fix for regression of CIFS in some specific cases
Fix for USB drive not mounted in some cases

3.601 (25-01-2014)


Proper name for gpiomem in udev rules to fix GPIO plugin
Apply slave parameter on some DACs to work with Pi5
Fix for multiroom not working in some corner cases
Fix track detail alignment on Manifest UI
Prevent crash due to empty name in wizard
Do not include inputs in supersearch
Fix DSD Direct playback with some DACs
Fix browser visibility on HDMI on first start
Disable internal white blinking LED for Volumio products
Improve albumart visualization on DLNA and PLEX
Save Radio albumart to favourites if available
Enable HDMI audio out for Raspberry PI 5


Add warning on config.txt
Update RPi kernel
Added sorting to TIDAL and QOBUZ
Restored background selection for Contemporary and Classic UIs
Added premium device notification to Volumio products
Update MPD to 23.5
Added setting for mouse pointer visibility

3.569 (07-11-2023)


Fixed premium devices reporting in devices list
Fix wrong reporting of playing track in some occasions
Improved HDMI UI responsiveness on Volumio products


Support for Raspberry PI 5
TIDAL Connect Hi-Res FLAC support
Reporting of codec used in TIDAL Connect

NOTE: Some systems cannot be updated to this version (versions updated from 2.XXXreleases). For more info see https://community.volumio.com/t/update-to-v-3-569-not-possible-all-you-need-to-know/

3.546 (27-09-2023)


Fix translations not showing on some occasions


Add Innomaker DACs
Add Orchard Audio DACs
HDMI eArc and ARC input for Integro (BETA)
Increased the number of DACs which support DSD Direct for Primo2 and Rivo
Added LED brightness setting for Primo2 and Integro
Addeed Auto-On On Power Setting for Primo2 and Integro
Fix for uboot issue on Integro, Primo2 and Rivo
Select sources available for Infinity Playback and SuperSearch
More info on USB devices in debug logs
Added USB touchscreen support for Integro, Primo2 and Rivo

3.512 (06-07-2023)


AI Supersearch BETA
Infinity Playback with AI
Related artists and albums
Translation improvements on main languages
Artist and album pages restyle


Fix autoupdates selection in wizard

3.435 (13-03-2023)

Fix for MQA Playback on TIDAL
Fix for state not properly propagated
Fixed language detection on wizard
UI State storage, browsing pages will resume from last page when the UI is reloaded
Fix UI being unresponsive on update message

3.429 (15-02-2023)

Hotfix release

Timezone configuration fixes
State machine improvements and fixes
Auto update window configuration
Automatic timezone configuration in the wizard
Multiroom state synchronization fixes

3.423 (02-02-2023)

Update notification
Automatic updates
Timezone selection
Artwork and metadata synchronisation for multiroom


From this update ‘Test mode’ will be automatically disabled after every software update. Automatic updates will take place between 3 and 6 am. Automatic updates are disabled by default and can be enabled trough the system menu. Please make sure your timezone is correctly configured before enabling, this also can be set in the system menu.

3.396 (04-12-2022)


Fix Pause and long tracks playback in TIDAL and QOBUZ
Faster retrieval of long playlists
Bigger artwork on small displays
Fix for discovery crashing
Various fixes for Highresaudio.com streaming

3.378 (29-09-2022)


Manifest for free users
New audio ouput menu
Local playback
Cast playback
Sonos playback
Revamped main menu
Added Thai language
Add compatibility for MERUS™ Amp piHAT ZW

Multiroom stability improvements
Properly detect first available card if not set

3.324 (11-07-2022)

Improvements on first onboarding on wizard
Automatically set reg domain for wireless

3.301 (09-06-2022)

  • Fix mounting of ext USB filesystems
  • Manifest UI metadata fix
  • Set CD Reading speed to 4x
  • Restore hotspot fallback functionality


  • New simplified onboarding wizard
  • Integrated help menu

3.251 (05-04-2022)

  • Fix credits for search for premium users
  • New Alsa Components Hook and FIFO
  • Fix CD playback if no discId is found
  • Execute search with minimum 2 chars instead of 3
  • Fix showing of QOBUZ logo on UI
  • Fix non-utf8 characters on USB drives
  • Manifest credits fix
  • NAS Discovery fix
  • Fix for multiroom settings corruption
  • Added wifi scan cache message
  • Fix for USB HDD Corruption

3.233 (28-02-2022)

Don’t show Wireless flow if wireless already connected
Allow to disable metadata retrieval
Fix Volumio pull command
Make plugin manager resilient to version compare fails
Improve MyVolumio remote connection
Fix crash on CD Plugin if metadata not found
Add ChipDip DAC Support
Fix Critical Error on HRA
Fix stop for TIDAL, TIDAL Connect and QOBUZ

NOTE: Many external wifi dongles will stop working , if you encounter this issue please report the wifi dongle model to:
techsupport at volumio dot org

3.224 (07-02-2022)
(For TInkerboard and X64 only)
Fix UPNP Client Implementation
Manifest UI Fixes

3.198 (24-01-2022)
Fix for resume with remote control
Manifest UI CD Ripping
Fix for stuttering audio on Primo with shairport
Several improvements for Manifest UI
Improved auto dedection of NAS Drives
Latest PI kernel for PI4 1.5 compatibility
Hotfix for node exception causing boot loop
Fix Bluetooth Playback stopping
Fix for CD Ripping change on eject
Added Realtek AC1300/AC1200 WiFi drivers (x86)

2.915 (30-09-2021)
Fix repeatsingle status on REST call
Do not show Allo Digione as source
Fix connection error due to expired certificates

2.909 (13-09-2021)
Multiroom User Interface Improvements
Fix for TIDAL Connect crashes on sample rate change

2.907 (02-07-2021)
Multiroom User Interface Improvements
TIDAL Connect Improvements
Fixed moving the first song in queue

2.882 (24-04-2021)
Fix for PI 0 and 1

2.878 (21-04-2021)


New Multiroom User Interface
Webradio bitrate in listing
TIDAL Connect

2.873 (18-02-2021)

Show albumartist from genre view if albumartist selected in settings
Fixed play from genre not working
Fix for translations not showing on slow networks
Fix goTo Visualization when on playback screen

New Translation system
Improved polish translation
Further diagnostics on log report

2.861 (22-12-2020)

Fix for translations not showing on slow networks
Fixed exploding genres including /
Fixed QOBUZ providing 30 seconds samples on some songs

2.853 (20-11-2020)

Open Beta of new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementations enabled by default
Fix REST API wihtout user agent

2.852 (11-11-2020)

Open Beta of new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementations
Properly close modals on second screens
Fix error of language not shown in UI
Add functionality to perform headless updates

2.834 (24-09-2020)

New TIDAL and QOBUZ implementation (BETA mode)
Added BassOwl-HAT to DAC list

Fix continuous or single playback mode selection
Fix addition of playlists made of webradios
Fix DSP saving
Fix Equalizer Layout
Do not save invalid tracks in last 100
Enlarge search bar

2.799 (16-07-2020)

4.19.118 Kernel for Raspberry PI
More options to visualize album and artist credits
Simplify selection of i2s DACs over other audio outputs
Show year of albums in REST APIs
Show status on plugin installation from command line
Added support for MERUS AMP Hat
Better multimedia keys support

Fix retrieval of metadata for CD Ripping and Playback
Improved back behaviour after search
Allow volumio user to access GPIOs
Avoid one click play of all NAS or USB
Fix return to home when starting rip
Fix back on home on CD Eject
Allow Album card on CD
Skip device availability check for I2S DACs
Proper detection of PI4
Fixed removal of cloud playlists

2.779 (08-06-2020)


Fix MyVolumio Streaming services under some circumstnces
Fix Highresaudio status codes
Do not allow lifetime accounts to be cancelled

2.777 (26-05-2020)


Selector for continuous or single playback mode
MyVolumio referral program
Console stream in DEV UI
Use sox multithread resampling on multicore non-pi platforms


Restore TIDAL Masters icon
Fix volume buttons for software volume
Fix multiroom advertisement in ungraceful shutdown
Rework of Loopback guard

2.773 (05-05-2020)


Advanced Music Credits display and discovery (MyVolumio Superstar required)
New design of artist and album cards
Improved usability of browse layouts
Improved Backend responsiveness
Show database updating status on UI3
Continuous playback for albums and playslits


Linting Fixes
Do not show webradio headers if no webradio results
Show search results even with non working plugins
Preserved image hash versioning
Improve Wireless and bluetooth coexistence on PI
Ignore Internal Validity mixer
Do not show indication of 0 bitrate on webradios
Improved Bluetooth Performances for PI3B
Show webradios bitrate on mobile UI

2.729 (27-02-2020)


Better propagation of initial state on multiroom handler
Handle ungraceful device disconnect
Improve webradios search results
Fix oauth login on new signup controller
Remove fakepulsingknob animation
Fix Log rotation service
Do not show podcasts on webradio search
Fix seek and volume control on UI3 Playback page


Add MyVinyl background
Show webradios bitrate
Sort webradios result alphabetically
Allow to enter coupon on trial period
Simplify Factory Reset facility
Improved retriaval of wireless network results
Reload UI on network saving
Added privacy settings facility

2.6713 (27-02-2020)

Fix hotspot fallback setting
Do not disable hotspot if no network has been configured
Increased default mpd buffer size and playlist lenght
Improve Log Rotation Service
Fix login on MyVolumio when changing address
Fix HIGHRESAUDIO bitdepth reporting and new releases
Hardening of Wireless Network security handling
Fixed handling of Webradio names on playlists

New Contemporary UI as default
New rounded elements for contemporary UI
Updated Simplified Chinese language pack
Added German Translation for HIRESAUDIO
Added support for Terraberry DAC3
Add missing SPDIF port on intel boards

2.6703 (15-02-2020)
Fix crash on start due to MPD reconfiguration
Fix startup issues if internet not present

2.699 20-01-2020)
Fix crash on start due to MPD reconfiguration
Removed GA and FB tracking

2.698 17-01-2020)
Fix disappearing of Hardware Mixer Option
Fix MPD configuration inconsistencies under some circumstances
Fix previous and next when playing webradio


Vietnamese translation
Improved french and italian translations
Improved and more informative MyVolumio signup flow

2.692 20-12-2019)

Fix playback of Album with mismatching albumartist tag
Fix undefined in wirelessConnect
Check if configuration files on data are empty and copy them
Show all settings in Volumio3 UI Mobile
New Shairport-Sync version

2.672 (30-11-2019)

Fix mounting NAS shares on existing folder
Fixed Artist albumart visualization
Fix issue when volatile service is undefined

Added Apple Superdrive support
OAUTH Login facility
Improved German, Russian, French and Italian Translations

2.668 (14-11-2019)


Improved highresaudio.com navigation
Fixed playback of Primo with Music Hall amps
Use Albumartist over artist when exploding albums
Fixed playback of Various artists albums
Fix goto for plugins which don’t have this function


Localization on plugins install and uninstall
Add facility to enable plugin after installing
Renamed MyMusic Section to Sources
Improved German, Russian, French and Italian Translations
Add ability to enable or disable MyVolumio plugins
System version on REST API
2.657 18-10-2019)
Fixed Multiple Alarms Scheduling
Improved Volumio3 Mobile UI
Fixed Cloud sync of favourites, playlists and webradios

Bluetooth A2DP Audio Playback for MyVolumio Virtuoso and Superstar Users
Add device HWUUID reading from DEV page
Raspberry PI Kernel Bump to 4.19.79

2.632 03-10-2019)
Fix mobile search on Volumio3 UI
Fix search and play for some albums
Fix double scroll bar for Volumio3 UI
Fixed playback on HDMI and Audio Jack on PI

Added hiresaudio.com integration on MyVolumio Superstar
Added Input playback on MyVolumio Superstar
New Hifiberry DACs support
Tinyart facility
Include track numbers in album view

2.619 (24-09-2019)
Re-enable QOBUZ Support
Do not send certain search strings to Qobuz

Include track number in albums view
Albumart Upload for CD Ripping
Show Album metadatas when playing CDs
Show only 1 toast message

2.609 (11-09-2019)
Restored Artist albumarts
Improvements on Volumio3 UI
Removed focus on search
Fix for settings on mobile
Capitalized Last 100

Improved modal interactions
Extended REST API
Better method for external volume commands

2.599 (02-08-2019)
Raspberry PI 4 support
New webradios facility
New Volumio3 UI
New REST API facility
Enable USB Hotplug

Fixed search bar on mobile
Fixed support for all Raspberry PI models

2.598 (26-07-2019)
Raspberry PI 4 support
New webradios facility
New Volumio3 UI
New REST API facility
Enable USB Hotplug

Fixed search bar on mobile

2.587 (15-06-2019)
Fix addition of Webradios, Playlists and Favourite Radios under some circumstances
Add Shoutcast to Webradios search Options

2.586 (04-06-2019)
Fix upnp stop when adding to queue
Fix Shairport buffer size for Primo
Fix Streaming Services availability under certain conditions

2.583 (02-06-2019)
Advanced settings mode selector
Added repeat single mode

Fix MyVolumio Login on page load

2.575 (24-04-2019)
Fixed TIDAL and QOBUZ Login under some circumsntances
Fixed CD Playback track ordering

2.572 (13-04-2019)
Fixed TIDAL and QOBUZ startup issue under some circumstances
Fix unset volatile for shairport

MyVolumio 30 days free trial
CD Playabck and Ripping on Virtuoso and Superstar Plans

WARNING!!! CD Playback is not working on Tinkerboard and Primo platforms. Do not connect a CD player to those systems. We’re working to solve it as soon as possible with a new release.

2.565 (13-03-2019)
Fixed goto for Streaming services
Fixed plugin uninstall
Fix next and previous in volatile state
Fix kHz notation
Removed backup REST endpoint
Deal with devices without a serviceList in UPNP
Notify when there are no results on search
Updated dutch translation
Added link to artist and album in track-info-bar
Improved stability of MyVolumio presence system

New US and Asia servers for MyVolumio remote connection

2.555 (18-02-2019)

Fix TIDAL Genres and Moods listing
Adding toastMessage when playlist is playing
Fix TIDAL and QOBUZ playlist not playing
Fixes Artist album listing number on QOBUZ
Improved usability of Wi-fi selector
Improved resiliency of MyVolumio remote tunnel connection
Improved handling of expired token on MyVolumio
Fixed Last 100 entries for UPNP, DLNA and QOBUZ
Fixed addition of DLNA entries in Playlist and Favourites
Avoid malformed track type on DLNA files
Fix seek position when changing Volume on TIDAL, QOBUZ and DLNA

Add selector for browse sources visibility
Exclude hidden folders from directory browsing
Adding mpd log to troubleshooting log

2.527 (12-01-2019)
Fix TIDAL playback when an undefined track is found
Fix regression of volume control
Fix bad visualization of TIDAL and QOBUZ albums

Add direct DSD Support to many USB DACs
Improved Russian and Chinese translations
Mpd 0.20.18 version

updates.volumio.org/tinkerboard/ … rd.img.zip
updates.volumio.org/x86/volumio/ … 86.img.zip
updates.volumio.org/pi/volumio/2 … pi.img.zip

2.522 (31-12-2018)
Fix TIDAL browsing of long playlists
Show when album and tracks are available as TIDAL masters
Show when album and tracks are available in Hi Res in Qobuz
Fix Favourites addition on QOBUZ curated content

2.513 (07-12-2018)
Fixed crashing bug in UPNP due to incorrect albumart
Fix potential security issue in NAS mounts
Fix Multiroom Device selector
MYVOLUMIO fix to TIDAL login when special characters are included
MYVOLUMIO fix to TIDAL personal playlists

Install To Disk added use of eMMC or SD disks
Add version in the plugin information
Add checkcontentformat = 0 to upmpdcli conf

2.502 (31-10-2018)
TIDAL and QOBUZ native integration
Auto Sync of Favourites, Webradios and Playlist
Remote connection to Volumio devices

Add checkcontentformat = 0 to upmpdcli conf
Anonimyze IP for GA
Add multimedia keys support
pi kernel bump to 4.14.71

Better handling of error toasts
Fix handling of uncompliant DLNA server
fix volatile default albumart
Fix stop state if no service is defined
Improve volume responsiveness and add disable volume

2.457 (17-09-2018)[/b]
Increase mpd communication buffer
Fix internal memory permissions

DLNA Browser metadata
New background
Facility to enable or disable services
PI Kernel bump to 4.14.69
Ability to remove files from internal memory

2.452 (27-08-2018)
Kernel bump to 4.14.62
Improvements to UPNP Browser

Capitalizations of Plugins Categories
Fix of plugin install method

2.444 (27-07-2018)

Pi kernel bump to 4.14.56
Allo Katana support
Volumio apt repository instead of foundation’s one
Reduced system footprint
Music functionalities control facility
REST endpoints for plugins
Check system integrity before update
Translated system update progress
Added help section to main menu

Fix volatile pause state
Fixed my music configurations for albumart and tagging
Properly restore audio device after switch from softvolume
Invoke stop also for audio interfaces
Fix hardware volume selction from None

Do not show NAS password on edit

2.413 (21-06-2018)
System will survive a plugin crashing on start

2.411 (16-06-2018)
Improve albumart resilience to full disk condition
Properly refresh favourites upon additions
Do not save player name if is same as old one
Node modules cleanup
Fix error on duplicate NAS folder
Png icons for main library for better iOS compatibility
Refactor startup sound invocation
Fix iOS keyboard not closing on search
Fix dhcpcd not starting in some conditions
Fixed factory reset for tinkerboard
Drastically improved albumart retrieval performance

Czech translation update
Check on start if USB drive has been removed
Add command line update helper
Node.js bump to 8.11
Add progress bar for socket.io requests

2.389 (26-03-2018)
Reduce usage of sudo -S
More reliable wireless indicator
fix crash in playlist creation
Fix remove from queue if title is not defined
Fix long time when starting up with no hotspot

PI Kernel 4.14.29 (PI 3B+ Support)

2.387 (23-03-2018)
Fix creation of folder with embedded albumart
Fix pluginhelper category
ensure plugins are defined when stopping
Fix undefined icon list in DLNA browser
Fix moving queue item when a point is undefined
Fix crash when no method is available

2.378 (13-03-2018)
Handle undefined curUri
Fix hostname command with multiple words
Fix undefined icon list in DLNA browser
Fix undefined in DLNA browser
Fix crash when plugin misses playback function
Fix unspecified error event in shairport sync meta reader
Fix moving queue item when a point is undefined
Fix crash when no method is available
Fix crash when path in network drives is not filled
Device naming for HDA intel and proper multidevice

2.376 (13-03-2018)
Fix shutdown for non systemd-compliant systems
Fix plugin install maxbuff
Properly escape double quotes when constructing mpd command strings
Ensure clean uris from Dirble

PI: Kernel bump to 4.9.80
Add ApplePi Audio Card
Crash reporter
Save logsubmit logs locally
Add Fe-Pi Audio Cards
Mobile Antiscroll volume

2.368 (18-02-2018)
Fix plugin uninstall, update and unzip
Fix duplicating mdns browser instances
fixed upnp browser crash if server has no image
remove plugin configuration on uninstall

2.362 (12-02-2018)
Fix crash if service is undefined on stop
Improved handling of orphaned tracks
Sleep timer disables once triggered
Improved responsiveness of volume control
fix crash in upnp when no headers.LOCATION is sent
Webradio icons in JPG format

Added Turkish translations
Fallback hotspot setting (if wireless network is lost, Volumio will keep on trying reconnecting)
Updated spanish translation
Removed plugin upload (to promote plugins to be added to Volumio plugin repo)
Make advice about password lenght consistent at 8+ characters

2.348 (23-12-2017)
Fix fatal crash of DLNA browser
Small improvements to volumio pull
New Kernel for USBBridge

Credits in system

2.344 (16-12-2017)
Volumio Webradio selection
AlLow plugin install from source and terminal
PI: Kernel bump to 4.9.65
Change smb.conf according to system name
Donation with cryptocoins
PI: force hdmi hotplug

Proper self NAS name ignore
Fixing play/pause/resume when in consume mode
Remove FB SDK from UI
Fix single info play on albums
Default CPU governor to performance

2.323 (18-11-2017)
Selective folder scanning
Notifty when item is added to queue
Play favourites, playlists, artists and albums from their view
Reserve 1 core just for MPD on multicore systems
Custom CPU power management for increased performances
Show webradios icons if available

Fix go to artists
Fix go to album
Improved webradio search functions
Do not use multicast address for shairport sync
disable 0 turbo and keep only fiq fix
use dns resolution as second priority

2.310 (04-11-2017)
PI: Kernel bump to 4.9.51

2.309 (04-11-2017)
X86: Install to another HDD

2.296 (18-10-2017)


Patch against KRACK vulnerability


Ability for plugins to add mpd.conf sections

2.295 (15-10-2017)


Fix issue in wizard if i2s DAC was already active
Fix undefined background condition
Show Wizard only on first boot


Add NanoSound I2S DAC
Add TerraBerry DAC2 I2S DAC

2.285 (07-10-2017)

First configuration Wizard
Add TauDAC-DM101
Hide Mouse cursor on kiosk (X86)

Do not crash if settings on plugin are not present
Fixed plugin uninstall
Fixed albumarts containing &
Update hifiberry DAC naming
Do not show XMOS Fake HW mixer
Avoid personal data in log submission
limit art size to about 5MB
Fix albumart meta setting
Fix albumart fatal freezing
Adding more recycle names to mpdignore

2.246 (31-07-2017)


Kernel bump to 4.9.36
Allo dual mode improvement
Show local albumarts on album view
Clear Albumart Cache
New grid view for sources
Extended file support (ffmpeg) on playback options

Fix startup sound setting

2.201 (14-06-2017)

DSD Mode selection
Auto Volume 100 for DSD
SSH Disabled by default (can be enabled via file or UI)
added 384 and 768 kHz resampling options
First implementation of Volumio splash screen

Fix UPNP Playback (queue will be cleared when UPNP Playback starts)
Fix Kernelsource script
UPNP Volume
Airplay metadata stability improvements
Fix startup sound setting
Volume performance improvements
Use promises for network info
Fix delete alarm
Fix color and background switch

2.185 (03-06-2017)

Airplay status and metadata on UI
Shairport-sync updated to 3.0.2
Music Library settings to choose artist sorting, show track numbers and compilations
Youtube and airplay icons on UI
CPU governor set to ondemand
New plugin helper for easy plugin creation
New default albumart
Dual mono and Dual Stereo mode for Allo Piano 2.1


Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese fonts in kiosk mode
added libasound-dev for x86
Execute uninstall script of plugin
Fix search on shoutcast
Fix alarm clock disable
Do not overwrite whole config.txt for raspberry pi
Fix background update on HDMI display

2.175 (17-05-2017)

Updated command line client
Updated REST API

2.163 (06-05-2017)


Fixed Database creation on big libraries
Fixed Search
Avoid thumbnail resize of first boot


Direct DSD Playback
Open DNS instead of google ones
Resampling options with Multithread Sox
Performance CPU governor

2.141 (21-04-2017)


Fixes plugin upload with certain filenames
Fixed queue moving
Fixed favourites addition
Fixed Add and Play
Fixed Playlist playback
Improved search
Avoid backgrounds resizing on first boot
Slightly improved Shairport conf
Fixed artist artwork
Fixed factory reset


Added czech language
New UPNP Mechanism (will clear queue)
Toggle ability to control MPD Volume with mpd clients
Faster MPD connection trough unix socket
USB Dongle will be always the default Wifi interface

2.129 (25-03-2017)


Fixed move song in queue
Fixed random stop of playback
Fixed repeat mode
Fixed mixer control set to none
Fixed german language pack
Changed mamboberry to LS DAC+
Fixed plugin upload with strange characters
More robust mounting
Fix mounting share with spaces
Volatile mode fix
Artist artwork works with every artist
Fixed my music visualization in mobile mode
Fixed default background


Security improvement by protecting dev shm
Added support for pisound DAC
Support for PIzero wireless card

ATTENTION: This version has some known issues with Kali Recloker. If you use the Kali in your setup, please wait for a further update due next week

2.118 (07-03-2017)


  • Queue repeat fix
  • Playlist track addition


  • Faster UI load times

2.114 (03-03-2017)

  • Artist list is populated with albumartist instead of artist
  • Fixed repeat, consume and random
  • Fixed SSH
  • Faster write speed for USB drives
  • Improved NAS mounting mechanism
  • Fix NAS share deletion
  • Fixed albumart for .CUE and .ISO
  • Fixed removal of last song from queue
  • Automatic clear log when more than 15MB in size


  • Automatic UI connection and switching beetween Ethernet and Wireless
  • Hi res covers
  • Ability to turn web retrieval of covers off
  • USB and NAS folders are now accessible with network sharing
  • New version of Upmpdcli with tidal, spotify and gmusic support
  • Wireless drivers for most dongles in PI1 as well
  • Allo BOSS Driver
  • More translations alignment
  • Ability to change DNS Settings
  • In-UI Documentation
  • Setting to flush queue on reboot
  • Remote log submitter
  • Added driver nl80211 to extend wireless compatibility
  • Safety check on static network configuration

2.041 (12-12-2016)

Fix Raspberry PI 0 boot
Faster boot time
Fix edit share
UI functional after detaching ethernet cable
Fixed multiroom device switching


Allow download of kernel sources
Initial REST API implementation
Traditional Chinese language
Multiple wireless networks can be configured

2.030 (19-11-2016)

Various languages fix and new additions
x86: adding pata module for sd card readers



Allo Piano\Piano 2.1 Dac Support
DSP Settings for DACs
Multiple Wireless Network can be configured
Specify when a device is USB
Allow session interruption on Shairport
Add pull option to command line client
Add stop option to command line client
REST API Backbone
Added 503HTA Hybrid Tube Amp support
Updated option for soekris dam
Fix consume
Fix Random

Fix add album\artist from genre
Fix Wireless IP on ethernet removal
Fix Spotify stop
Fix edit share
Fix share with spaces
Fix Software mixer
Proper execution of dac script on boot


Proper plugin uninstall and update
Plugin installation is done via root user



Fix swap creation on Raspberry PI 1
Fix playlist creationdeletion
Fixed player name in Airplay
Fix Airplay playback with async DACs
Fixed search when Volumio is offline
Fix .cue files playback
Fixed hardware mixer dropdown when no mixer is available
Fixed alarm being activated each hour
Fixed removal of backgrounds
Fixed background color selection resulting in unusable UI
Fixed scanning of network drives on wireless
Fixed clear and play
Fixed error with installing big plugins
Fixed my webradios playback
Fixed webradios playback
Fixed albumart with strange characters retrieval
Improved syncing changes to disk
Fixed adding shares with spaces
Fixed startup volume control
Leveraging browser cache for albumarts
Fixed playback for entire genre
Fixed static IP


Software mixer if no hard mixer is available
Ability to protect or disable hotspot
Library view
Grid View with Albumarts
Last 100 songs played in Playback menu
Added gapless playback as default
Added update db button
MPODMPDROID albumart server
Ability to control volume from mpd clients
Improved volume control on mobile devices
MPD 19.9 version
Unique SSH keys at first boot
Ability to force network scan on hotspot (compatible wi-fi dongles)
New languages (portuguese,suomi, hungarian, chinese, japanese, spanish)
Ability to update plugins when new versions are released
I2S DAC Autodetection via EEPROM
Current track vertical alignment on queue
Manual network connection


Fixed text translations with colour background
Fixed deleting image


Hotspot Mode
Search for artist, album or track
i2s auto-detection
Webradios fixed
Better volume control on mobile


UI on screen
Various fixes

0.923 (RC2)

Added French, German, Dutch and japanese language translations
Fixed I2S DACs not sticking as options
Fixed NAS addition when no drive is found
Fixed condition that prevented to mount NAS shares with spaces
Fixed NAS options
Exclude Volumio share from NAS broswer
Fixed WebRadio Playback
Fixed Playing album
Fixed removing my webradio
Fixed Editing mywebradios
Create local music folder and share it via NAS
Add Soekris DAC and RaspiDACv3
Added auto unmute for iq audio AMP


Browsing Performances improvement
Play individual .cue entries
A bit of UI restyling


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Rasbperry Pi B+ and Raspberry PI 2
  • I2s DAC compatibility with Raspberry PI 2 (Hifiberry Dac Plus, IqAudio Dac Plus and others)
  • Better Spotify handling: new Spop daemon version and search by Name or Artist
  • USB DAC hotplugging is now supported
  • USB Storage can be used on the fly, and you’re not required to reboot any more

LINK RPI: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download


  • other kernel (fix the high res problems)

LINK RPI: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download

-Full Spotify Integration
-Reworked Library TAB
-Update System Introduced
-OhMedia UPNP Support
-AirPlay issues fixed
-Selectable Player Name
-System services selector
-WebRadios can be added from WebUi
-Clear Whole queue from WebUi
-Social Sharing
-Direct DSD Playback
-Full I2S B+ DACs compatibility
-Better i2s DACs management
-Networking Page Reworked
-Song title in Browser Tab
-Startup Sound
-Shell shock bug fixed
-MPD 19.1

LINK RPI: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK UDOO: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK BBB: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK CUBIETRUCK: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK CUBOX-I: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download


  • Removed Library Tab
  • Added Player Name configuration (Works also for Airplay)
  • Kernel Upgraded, compatible with B+ model
  • Fixed unmuting script
  • Improved NAS mounting

LINK RPI: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download


  • not compatible with Raspberry B+ model
  • Library Tab
  • Unmute
  • I2S DACs selector
  • UPNP\DLNA Music browsing library
  • DLNA\UPNP control
  • Stability fix (worker checks if mpd running)
  • Airport working on USB DACs
  • UDOO kernel fix for USB

LINK RPI: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK UDOO: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK BBB: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK CUBIETRUCK: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download
LINK CUBOX-I: sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download

will be updated soon

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~ Volumio 1.5 added ~

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Hi I’m not sure this is the right place to post this, but i am really struggling to install x64 volumio on a HP t520 thin client. I know the t520 works because it boots other img files and i already have one running volumio 3.0. I looks like the issue might be multiple partitions that are created on the usb drive when the image is burned to it.

Do you know of an issue??


please don’t double post topics. moved your question to x86 support:

Now that updates are automatically installed I wonder where I can find the latest changelog. Unfortunately the community based changelog thread is no longer active. Thanks in advance

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Have you scrolled to the top of this thread?

Yes I did. 13-03 whilst the latest update is 30-03

Maybe it will be a good idea to implement a button to view the latest changelog next to the current software version number? Shouldn’t be that hard I guess

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The changelog is maintained for every official release, not for every Beta release.

Didn’t know this is a beta version. Thanks!

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I expect you have enabled test versions.
Only enable this on request, as it might be builds to solve a very specific issue for testing. They might even break other functionalities.


There is no changelog for the latest official release dated 30-03. its been like this for at least a week, since I last checked anyway.


Request to update the changelog.

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Many new additions in 3.546 release!

These are the highlights and most notable additions:

HDMI eArc and ARC input for Integro (BETA)

After many requests we’ve added HDMI ARC/eARC input for Volumio Integro. This allows to connect Integro to any ARC/eARC enabled TV and get the sound trough your favourite smart amp. This also mean that you can control Integro’s volume right from your TV remote.

This is a great convenience oriented feature for our Volumio Integro customers!

PLEASE NOTE: Although we carefully tested HDMI ARC/eARC on several different TV models, there’s the chance that small incompatibility issues might occur, and that is the main reason we’re marking this feature as BETA. So, if any of you has some issue on his system, make sure you let our support team know.

Advanced Hardware Settings for Integro and Primo2

With these settings you can achieve some handy tweak on how you use your product. For example you can change the LED brightness (requested by many!) and enable the Auto-On-On-Power feature, which will automatically turn on your device when you apply power (or in case of power failure).

Select sources available for Infinity Playback and SuperSearch

This was another highly-demanded feature. With this, you are able to select which sources will Supersearch and Infinity Playback (our AI DJ features) use for music retrieval. So, for example, you could limit this only to local files collection and one streaming service.

Better HW support for Rivo, Integro and Primo2

We’ve added USB touchscreen support to our whole range of products, and increased the number of Direct DSD Capable DAC supported.



Nice! I find it a bit confusing that the release date is the 27th of September (BTW, the date is not mentioned in the sticky message on top of this forum/space/channel).

(…) increased the number of Direct DSD Capable DAC supported.

Does this include the Ferrum WANDLA? DoP now works without clicks, but that could be a coincidence, because I often need a restart (or multiple restarts even) before things start to work in Volumio (SSD drives showing up is a case in point) :frowning: If I select DSD Direct, it still sends it as PCM (352.8 KHz, 24 bit).

September 27th is the build date, when the image is created and uploaded to the Volumio servers.

Before promoting it as a stable release and announcing it, there is an extensive internal QA testing that takes several days to be finalized.

DSD direct for Ferrum WANDLA is not part of this release, but it’s been already implemented in the Rivo kernel and it will be part of the next stable release.

Appreciate the rigorous QA of course!

BTW, this is what I meant about the build date missing from the release notes. Contrast:




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