Older volumio versions .img files

do you have any like of versions between 2.714 and 2.773 ?

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just to warn you : when using an old image, you may encounter old bug, maybe fixed in last image…
and you’ll miss new features too

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thanks for your warning. on the other side , sometimes we need going back to a beloved point.
i am doing this job for someone else. :slight_smile:

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i think its useful for us to have older versions also. for example we are having an issue with the latest version of volumio with YouTube plugin.

thanks also for the links. between 2.729 and 2.773 did they release any image? i did some updates from inside volumio so i lost some versions.

there is no offical release between these version.
see: Volumio Changelog

There are testversions, but these are not recommend to use!
Anyway. i found these testversion for rpi:
(you have to complete the URL and find out the release date by increase)

i didnt know this. and i was curious how i dont have them. usually i download the images to have them for my file.

And with current version may encounter new bug that renders system useless (actually have). Old version at least worked, whatever other bugs it may have/had.

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Where can I find previous version of tinkerboard which is the Aug 2020 version ?

What is the problem you still having with last version?

Maybe is not version issue but due to my tinkerboard. Somehow the USB drive no longer is able to detect. Even tried to reload with fresh volumio but still problem persist. Thanks for the help. I will still give it a try with different version just in case

hi, do you know where i can find any older versions for the odroid c2? preferably from 2018-2019 as i know the issue i’m experiencing wasn’t happening in those versions


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oh wow! thank you so much, i tried that and wasn’t able to find a functioning url

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and as i had expected the older version doesn’t have any audio issues while the current version has bad digital artifacts.

thanks so much for getting that image for me judydudi!

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C1/C1+/C2 will be continued as community portings and image releases published in the community portings section, incl. their history.

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i hope you ment the rpi version…

Have You a release which have a working consume mode? (remove the song from queue after play)
This is te best software but without this option make me crazy.

Thank You!

i didn’t see it yet … you could set it to play it once but auto remove from queue is not there.

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Latest before volumio3:

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de oude lijst is verdwenen.