Volumio 3.3 public release: Volumio HUB features

Hi Josef,

I see your point, but losing my local music database in several testcases is an issue that I don’t want to bother all the other users of volumio.

Though missing texts in the UI might not be a show stopper, but accepting this issue again and again which may be fixed in less than an hour I think is not a good idea.

Cheers, Robert

Be aware it will break the OTA updates. You need to roll back the modification before you upgrade :frowning_face:
So I have the original index.js renamed to index.js.bak. If I need to update I move it back.


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100% agreed

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what kind of issue is defined a showstopper or not and why.

Best regards,

I am not sure what the criteria for Volumio is.
But in my line of work, depending on the size of a project and what is in the pipeline:

  • Cosmetic things are never a show stopper.
  • Things that are inconvenient but doesn’t impact the core functionality, no showstopper.
  • Is something broken but there is a work around, no showstopper.
  • If the amount of critical errors is below a certain threshold, no showstopper (like 100 testers, 5 have issues)
  • All issues that I can’t reproduce on demand (intermitted), no showstopper

Hello @Wheaten ,

I can see this criteria and they make sense of course. I know that most of the volumio developers are part time workers or have more than one project on their list. I definitely appreciate your dedication and your excellent work!

But in consequence this criteria will end up in:

  • cosmetic things will never be fixed (like the missing translation texts…)
  • if the number of testers is below 10 statistics are difficult
  • as long as it is not transparent to the commuity of testers what is not reproducible on your side they can’t help to reproduce it (please ask!) :wink:

Further I see a contradiction in the statement: “Playing HiFi music has first priority” and the fact “High bit rate playback via HDMI is not working.”

I definitely support the requirement informing the community in detail about the fixes and the known issues of every release that is published.


Hi Robert, I can understand your frustration but bugs are generally prioritized by how many are impacted, how serious the bug is and whether there is a workaround. If you are the only person who reported being affected by this (and it’s not a show stopper) while there are other issues being reported by dozens of testers, I think you can understand why your issue didn’t make the latest round of bug fixes. I hope it will be fixed soon. We all want to see a super stable Volumio :+1:t2:

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I am not working for Volumio, just a community visitor

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Hi @Robert.Hecht,

I understand your frustration. You are putting in a lot of effort to test the releases, and we really appreciate that. You are providing a lot of detailed insight.

As @Wheaten correctly stated, we are working in sprints, which have a focus on specific features. Not every bug or issue is in the scope of a release.

I am currently making the backlog for the next hotfix release, and the next major release. I will make inventory of your issues and try to address them soon. You could help me with sending me a summary.

Again, thanx for your hard work! Cheers!


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Dear Robert,
please don’t think for a second that your reports were not taken into consideration.

I think that Wheaten and Mervinio explained very well the level of prioritization we have to do before a release is vetted, and hope that helps you understand where our focus goes.

Just one example: the fact that the UI crashes when an albumart is uploaded was deemed to be WONTFIX as with the new Manifest UI by default, there would be no background upload anymore.

But, since you seem to be happier with Contemporary UI, I am happy to tell that this issue was just fixed (it happened only on x64, when uploading a file more than 3MB):

Please keep on sending your fidings (all of the one you sent are now in our backlog of things to do) and we’ll try to do a better job communicating what we are prioritizing and why.

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There are community visitors and then there is @Wheaten!


Hi them all,

thanks a lot for the volumi(n)ous discussion about testing, prioritization and considering test results. :slight_smile: It’s a pleasure to work with you all!

I’m looking forward to new versions with focus on stability and robustness as well as technical improvements.

@mervinio do you still need a summary?

Cheers, Robert

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Hi Michelangelo,

in fact I switch between the UI schemes - on a smaller display I like the “Classic” - on a larger display “Contemporary” fits my needs and sometimes I try “Manifest” as well. Excellent that you could fix the upload issue in Contemporary background image dialog! I hope it had no further causes - I did not try to copy files to the local storage via smb while music was playing… I consider this as a test case for the next beta phase. :wink:

Have fun,



I bought the new Hifiberry Amp 3, which needs a 5.15.67 kernel to work fine.

Can anyone give me the last kernel version used by Volumio on TEST channel ?

(Maybe the hifiberry driver can be backported to Volumio kernel, I don’t know…)

Volume control seems to me a top level control. You’ve moved it to second level. Also, I often change volume, but can no longer do so with my phone or computer controls. Instead I have to go one layer down and use hand or mouse to adjust. Finally, showing volume meter really helps me. I have my receiver set at a fairly high volume and use the software control to modulate using numeric cues. No longer possible.


there’s a 3.381 on the update server.
Could anyone please inform about the differences between 3.378 and 3.381?

Best regads,

Link to changelog lists it.


3.381 is not included in the changelog.
I assume it’s a test version for a restricted group of testers.

@Robert.Hecht You’re correct, I got v3.381 after switching on the “Test Mode” here as suggested for beta testing. The main difference, if I recall correctly, was making the Manifest UI available for Free users as opposed to Premium. The current version available in the download link is still 3.378, which is the one listed in the change log.


Any word on Airplay2?

Indeed! Couldn’t have expressed this better! This is actually one of the major challenges that we face, considering how complex and vertical an ecosystem like Volumio is.

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