RPi4 8GB does not recognize Rotel USB-DAC


I’m setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB for connecting to Rotel RA-1572, yet the USB-DAC is not recognized.

I’ve looked at lsusb output, and nothing is listed. A windows PC, on the other hand, is able to recognize and successfully play via the USB DAC, without using any drivers (which means the Rotel is operating in USB audio class 1.0 mode).

I’ve also looked at the USB DAC compatibility list. Although Rotel RC-1570 is listed as compatible, I have no way to tell if the USB interface is the same one for the newer amp as well.

BTW - this is not the standard Volumio release (latest - 2.779), but a Debian Buster Beta, due to a bug specific to the 8GB version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


we would need vendor id and product id values.
When windows works, you should be able to get these through the device manager.
Click on your DAC, then Details tab and property Hardware IDs, note VID and PID values.
But with Volumio, unplug the DAC, plug back in and do dmesg, that should show some info as well.
Let us know…


(sorry for the late reply - the amp is my friend’s, who’s been quarantined. I just had a chance to pay him a visit)

Turns out the latest official version (which is the first formal release which supports RPi4 8GB) - 2.799 (16-07-2020) - easily recognizes the Rotel.

gkkpch - thank you for your efforts.