Volumio Tidal integration is terrible

Do you plan also to have a new qobuz app integration or only tidal?
I plan to buy an external dac to use with volumio and qobuz to have full 192khz…
Now I am in trial period of virtuoso…
Also is there any plan to have qobuz connect?
If yes then this volumio is a full audiophile player :slight_smile:
My regards…

I’ve been fairly happy with my Tidal and Qobuz workings in Volumio so far but I guess I’m not hard to please. There have been some problems but it’s never failed to play or stuttered on me. Hi Res Qobuz files play great through my rpi3/boss dac combo. It sounds better than than straight from the app on my phone into my amp(due to the Allo Dac sounding better than the dac in my headphone amp).

It is far from perfect though. Here are the problems I’ve had.

1.) My Qobuz “Favorites” list fails to load completely. I have over 1500 songs liked but Volumio only loads 300 of them.

2.) Neither Tidal nor Qobuz lists are in order. All liked songs, artists, and albums are shown in a jumbled alphabetical order. There will be a few “a” artists then some “d” ones, back to “a” then some “b”s, then skip to “f” and so on. Makes it a pain to find the song or artist I need. This seems to happen when there is a lot of data to sort. Smaller, shorter playlists stay in order.

3.) There seems to be no way to search within a particular app. The search function will pull results from my files, web radios, Tidal and Qobuz. Maybe I’m doing that part wrong.

4.) There doesn’t seem to be a way to shuffle your whole “favorites” list. This is my preferred way to listen. I just pull up my liked songs and run it on shuffle. I’ve made a work around where I’ve made playlists out of my whole “favorites” list then added that to the queue and shuffled from there. I can live with that I guess.

Overall with the low cost for a MyVolumio subscription, I’ve been happy with it so far. My streaming services sound really good and I like the remote access too. If large playlists and categories would stay organized and individual search functions that would only bring up in app results happened, then that would really sweeten the experience.

Thanks for the hard work so far.

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Really, the arbitrary order of playlists is annoying. Please, solve that first.
Then, would be fine if Go to … Credits, Artist, Album could work. I guess just search function.
Maybe possibility to add to/edit lists is too much to ask?

Excellent! Drop me a pm when you are ready for testing :slight_smile:

I also upgraded to the Superstar subscription, so would be great to see the metadata integration work with Tidal too.

Yes they work with tidal :wink:

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The developer which is in charge of the integration is working hard to have a beta release within 10 days :wink:

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I’m currently trialling MyVolumio Virtuoso in order to see how Tidal works, but as I have 3 rpi devices will probably need to upgrade to Superstar. However I only have 1 Tidal subscription, so my question is, will a single Tidal subscription allow me to stream Tidal on all three rpi Volumio devices simultaneously, or would that require 3 separate Tidal subscriptions?

You shouldn’t need to. It would be like having a tidal subscription but having your phone and tablet and computer all logging in and using it. Now I am not sure how Tidal allows for playback from multiple devices at the same time, but as long as it’s one rpi device at a time it should be fine. Unless you have a family plan which would allow for multiple streams.

I would definitely would be willing to beta test. I love to see properly support code for rpi devices and have no problem paying along with testing to support. I have been using google play music for years and got tidal just for this. Tidal’s offering and experience is much better for sure.

Thanks Mike. Whatt I found so far is with the basic MyVolumio I can only enable Tidal on one device (because I can only enable MyVolumio on one device). I have to get the MyVolumio Superstar to login to Tidal on all 3 devices. I’m sure that is as designed. Once I upgraded to MyVolumio Superstar, I can login to Tidal on all 3 devices. I haven’t tested this extensively, but it looks like if I start playing a Tidal stream on one device, then start playing another Tidal on another device, at some point one of them stops. Again I suspect this is what Tidal designed. I have yet to test what happens with a Tidal Family account.

@joew it is Tidal design, they only allow 1 stream per account. if you are planning the test of Tidal family then you need to make sure all 3 of volumio devices have different tidal accounts

I can cast from the native app on Android to the app installed in a Nvidia shield tv which is an Android device.

And you can cast to a Chromecast with very good sound quality. I’m really considering if it’s worth paying for the volumio subscription that gets you a terrible UX with tidal.

Instead of investing in the ux development you should invest in the cast support. The tidal native app is much better

Hi, any news on the eventual release of an upgraded Tidal integration?

I want to thank you to the Volumio team for the new Tidal integration. Although it is a beta version it works much better than the previous final release. All the problems I had with the old version are gone. Everything works pretty fast and works as it should be. Can’t wait for the stable release! I reinstated my subscription. Thank you…

Great, couldn’t connect to Spotify dosent look like Tidal is going to work for me either. I have no idea what you guys have been saying. I had Spotify working fine for a year and a half and then I had to move. I’d just listen to records but I only have one useful hand (stroke)

Is this finished? Spotify integration via plug in is awesome, tidal is really poor. Play button doesn’t work, very awkward to switch between streaming service and different volumios.


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Yes it is finished, but we are seeing that some people like you are having a very sub-optimal experience.
We are hunting this bug since 1 month and now we might have an explanation: it is something triggered by http2 calls with some ISP which use NAT or some proxying.
We are verifying this assumption with tentative fixes and hope to come out with a solution soon.
So, sorry that you are having this experience but we are working hard to fix it

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Good to know you’re on the case. By the looks of things you’ve been offering tidal connect for a while though. How will I know when you’ve fixed it? Happy to pay subscription when it works. Just not right now.

This problem has arisen after the release of Volumio 3. Previously it was just working fine.
You will know when its fixed from the changelog when you update, or here:

Thanks. Checked for updates today and there was one! Got excited, but then realised I had to pay to test my Tidal system. I bit the bullet but it seems it’s the same old problems. The volumio app freezes when I press play, only a few albums appear (i have more in my Tidal app but they don’t appear. Trying a factory reset now.

Also I have two volumio devices. Tidal only seems to be able to see one at a time. I have to power one down to switch between the two. Not ideal! Am I doing something wrong?

I’ll keep trying, but not happy to have updated and paid and for it to not be fixed.

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