Volumio Guides List

This is a collection of links to Community written guides for Volumio. Please note that they are to be used at your own risk … or at least to your current working Volumio installation. :wink:

Updated: 16th November 2021

Apple Mac
‘Time Machine’ Server Setup

Bluetooth Broadcaster (Requires PulseAudio)
Bluetooth Receiver

Google Assistant Control without Hardware
Keyboard Shortcuts for Volumio Control
LIRC (on a C1/C+) for Volumio Control
Nightly Reboot Script
Node Scripts for Control Actions
Shutdown Script to Manage GPIO Pins

Audiophonics ES9018K2M DAC
Audiophonics ES9018K2M DAC with I2C Control
Wolfson Cirrus Audio Card

File Sharing
NFS Mount Permissions

DAB Radio Streams on Tvheadend Server
UPS: Pico HV3.0 Installation
Volumio Video Guides by Nanomesher
x86 Hdd Installation

Software (Using under Volumio)
Kodi/XMBC on Volumio2
Multiboot Volumio2 (with Kodi et al.) under Berryboot
Spotify Connect (with USB Sound Card)

Data Backup
Device Name in SD Image
Locating Corrupted/Malformed Files After an Incomplete Library Scan
Moving Volumio to Larger SD Card on RPi
Timezone Setup

Touch Screens
TFT Touch Screen 3.5" GPIO
Touch Screen Rotation in Volumio3
Touch Screen Set Up & Backlight Control
Waveshare 3.5" LCD RPI (B) rev2.0

Format SD Cards
Volumio Internal Storage: How to Access for Loading Songs
Windows 10 Shared Folder Problems & Solutions
Windows Share as NAS in Volumio

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