[GUIDE] Windows Share as NAS in Volumio

I know you could share a harddrive or folder in your PC and mount it into Volumio. I make sure the folder with music in it was shared to “everyone”, but no matter how I configured under “Add new drive” it just won’t work!
I also follow this video exactly without luck:

Finally I gone it figured out after spending endless hours on this !!!
It has to do with User name and Password!
When I sign-in to Window10 with microsoft account, there is a lock in screen with: Myself@hotmail.com, FirstName LastName, & PIN.
In Volumio, I have try:
Myself@hotmail-dot-com & PIN
FirstName LastName & PIN
FirstName & PIN
Myself@hotmail-dot-com & my hotmail password
And nothing worked!! STUPID MICROSOFT !!!

I got fed up and change my Window 10 lock-in by creating a “local account”, new user name & PIN, enter those into Volumio and it works!!!

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