Update to v 3.569 not possible. All you need to know

If you are here is because you might have received this message when updating to V 3.569

If you received this message you unfortunately cannot use the OTA Updater to update to latest version. So, your only resort to keep on enjoying Volumio at its fullest (and keep on receiving updates) is to reflash your unit.

If you did not receive this message, then don’t bother reading further. You’re ok and all updates will work just fine.

This thread will remain sticky, so any question or issue can be addressed here

Technical explanation:
If you’re curious why that is, the reason is that we needed to include some more files in the boot partition in order to support the Raspberry PI 5. On Volumio versions which were built before V3, there’s not enough space on the first partition. So the OTA update would have failed.


Thanks, I saw your Facebook post about hi-res FLAC support (exciting). Checked the app and no updates, so will look at reflashing. I assume it will still work on pi 4 (even though pi 5 was mentioned).

Thanks for this!

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Update is not out yet :wink:

This post was part of the pre-release checks :wink:


One question because I can’t update via OTA.
As far as I understand I have to flash the new update on the SD via a Computer.
Do I have to set all my Settings again or is there a way to backup my current settings and activate it in the new Version?

Thanks for any answers


Sorry, you have to start from scratch and all settings will be gone.

But if you are on premium, all radios, Playlists and favorites will be there (thanks to the cloud backup function)


Alright, then let the games begin :grin:
and yes, I’m on premium.So thx for the cloud


All good, just got the update 3.569 OTA.
didn’t need to start from scratch (on premium).

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Correct, it’s only needed when upgrading from V2.xxxx.
I missed that line too :slight_smile:

I have the plugin Backup and Restore Data v. 0.7.4 installed.
Can that not be used to restore the configuration after installing the new version from scratch?

Any buffering hacks? not sure i’d hear a difference between 192kHz and 96kHz to be
honest. 192 not playable on 100/20 NBN heh. Any port tricks on the router (i’m running skynet firewall and an add blocker), may explain why play-here [premium]
never works??


Updated started. Went unresponsive. Now it won’t connect to WiFi.

Are you using an external dongle? Which platform are you using?

Raspberry Pi4 SD Card. I had to download the new image and reflash it to make it work. I did not see the message you posted, just a normal notification about an update.

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Hmm, then why I am getting that error message when trying to update from V3.546…?

A little clarification

all volumio2 images had a 64MB boot partition
all volumio3 images have 96MB boot partition

so if you get the message or not, it all depends on the image flashed on the first place on the SD-card.
if the image flashed on the SD-card the first time was Volumio2, the boot partition is 64MB, even if then the system was updated to Volumio3 via OTA update.
if the image flashed on the SD-card the first time was Volumio3, the boot partition is 96MB, with enough space for the new kernel required by the RPi5

If you did not receive this message, then don’t bother reading further. You’re ok and all updates will work just fine.

Is has upgraded but the 3b+ is very very slow and not playing any music now.
Must I re-image the micro-sd as well.?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: re-installed 3.569 and it’s working normal again!


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That is a major change. Is not a minor upgrade. If it break things it is major.
Is there a workaround to increase the boot partition size?

unfortunately no, because right after the boot partition there are other two partitions

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Hello! I am upgrading volumio on my raspberry 4b from version Volumio 3198 to version 3.569. But it has been 30 minutes that it fails to install and the system has crashed.
Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Maybe something went wrong with the SD card. Take a new SD card and flash it with the latest Volumio.