Resuscitate box amlogic S905X to deal with the structural shortage of the Raspberry Pi

I’m frustrated that the Raspberry Pi has become (even secondhand) a commodity as rare as my grandmother’s teeth (french humour :wink: :slight_smile: ).
So I saw somewhere that some experiments, more or less successful, have been tried with Box TVs, and in particular the one I have in the closet, an Amlogic S905X.
Please, I ask for the help of the community to find for me a source or a group that would be able to support me to try this experience myself. that’s good, I have time to waste, I’m retired.
I refuse and I militate against these network players and Streamers who, under the pretext that they are niche products, are sold at exorbitant prices.
So, Long live open Source, Long live the communities around and thank you for your precious help.

P.S. I found a link that dates from 2021, put it is dead

This seems to be the current direction:

Volumio on Radxa devices - Volumio Community Forums / News and Announcements - Volumio

I also find the Odroid N2+ to be an excellent sounding Volumio source

Volumio 3 on Odroid boards (C4/ N2/ N2+) - Community Portings / Odroid - Volumio

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To port yourself, look at:

For the N2, there is no support anymore. Only some occasional updates. But the latest build works perfectly.

Run Volumio on a x86:

Look at the Radxa devices as mentioned by Jacobacci

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Sorry Guys,
In fact, I’m a retired audiophile and don’t know much about development at all. I can flash a box or put an SD card on it to boot it, but I can’t go further with my Mackbook Pro Intel.
I found an img on youtube called “volumio-2.806-2020-08-02-aml9xxxarmv7”, but it dates from 2020. So I didn’t dare to take the plunge before asking on the forum if There was a newer solution with minimal support for a TV box like my Mini M8S II with an Amlogic S905X CPU (quad Core) 2GB DDR3 RAM.
Thank you again for your help

Hi, this was a kind of generic image for amlogic based tv boxes.
It is no longer supported by the author, plus it is a Volumio 2 version for which support expired a long time ago.
AFAIK there is no (future) plan to support amlogic tv boxes.
Some experimental community work has been done for Rockchip based tv boxes, but whether this will ever be published is unknown…


But is it enough for steaming my tidal music? I don’t want it ti do any thing else
Thank you in advance

I supported S905 in the past with Odroid C2 & C4 and I recently finished unofficial support for Radxa Zero, which is S905Y2 based.
So yes, any tv box with Amlogic S905D (or X and Y variants) would be more than powerfull enough to run Volumio. Tidal would not be an issue.

However, you would need a linux kernel and u-boot for it.
Armbian ( has community (not official) linux support for Amlogic tv boxes, so theoretically you can build a Volumio version using Armbian’s kernel and u-boot. This is where the image you mentioned originally came from.
After an Armbian kernel and u-boot, building Volumio with it is simple.
But you need a developer for it, willing to do the work and then maintain & support it. There would be a few people here (me included) to help with advice.

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Ok, I’m going to think about this solution, but also about spending $30 to buy a small NUC PC that I found used and installing volumio 3 directly on it.
I no longer have the adventurous soul that I had before.
In any case, thank you very much for your precious help which allowed me, once again, to remain convinced of the importance of the Open Source community. You guys are the best.
As for me, I prefer, after a busy career, to listen to good music and enjoy my grandchildren.
Long life to you :pray: :pray: :pray:


Only official releases come with myvolumio and thus Tidal. I believe currently only Tinkerboard and RPI have an official release.

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also other SBCs have myvolumio :wink:

I already have the NUC PC which I just bought an hour ago.
So is there, at least, an unofficial version of my Volumio please?

Unofficial Odroid C4 and N2/N2+ portings also have MyVolumio integrated.

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A NUC is an x86 based device and therefore fully supported by Volumio.
Volumio officially supports their own devices, RPi, Tinkerboard and the x86 platform.

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Hi, Yes X86 can run on NUC, which also is an official porting. FYI you also have to pay for myvolumio.

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So i can install over x86 version and subscribe to Volumio Premium to be able to Stream Directly TIDAL Master and MQA files. That Great.
Thank U All for your help. Finally i found my solution :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, you can.
Disable secure boot in the BIOS first (Volumio does not use signed images).
Flash to a usb stick and boot from it.
Once started, under settings/system you are offered the option to transfer the volumio system to an internal disk.
Please pay attention to this, it overwrites the device you select!


Additionaly to @gkkpch his information here is the official Volumio install steps: How to install Volumio on x86/x64 based PC?

Note that Volumio cannot decode MQA. Does Volumio play TIDAL MQA format?

Good luck, and enjoy

If you have any issues with installing the x86 version on your hardware, there is also a dedicated support thread you can use to get some assistance X86 Hardware issues (WiFi, DAC, Disks, Boot etc.)