Volumio on Radxa devices

Dear Volumiophiles,

After several months of behind-the-scenes work, we’re happy to announce that we have now ported Volumio on some Radxa devices: the RockPi-E, RockPi-4B and Rock-3A.

We decided to expand the range of devices as alternatives to the Raspberry Pi and ThinkerBoard, that are still very hard to find.

The images for all the new models are released as beta versions. We would love to receive feedback from you, not only regarding bugs/issues, but also to know which device you like the most, and why.

At the end of the beta testing phase, if there is enough demand, we will pick one to promote as an “Officially Supported Platform”, providing regular updates and dedicated support for Premium subscribers. For the other two options, updates will be released from time to time, but without official support.

In the links below you will find a dedicated page for each device, with the description of hardware specs, the suggested variant for the best Volumio experience, feature list and the link for downloading the image to flash on an SD-card.

Volumio Beta for RockPi-E

Volumio Beta for RockPi-4B

Volumio Beta for Rock-3A


@gkkpch I think it’s better to open a different thread for Radxa Zero and Radxa Zero 2, we have now a “Radxa Community Porting” section

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It is possible to build also for RockPi 4C+?

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we don’t have plans for RockPi 4C at the moment