Unofficial Volumio3 images (with MyVolumio) for Radxa RockPi-S

RockPi-S is a tiny but powerful SBC designed by Radxa. It is a nice low-cost option to run Volumio with decent performance, as an alternative to the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Recommended variant

  • It is required to use a RockPi-S with 512MB RAM, the version with 256 MB will not work.
  • Using the variant with onboard WiFi/BT module, the USB port will be free for connecting a USB DAC.


Please find below the unofficial (a.k.a. community porting) images for the RockPi-S device, with updated kernel and Volumio backend. Those images include MyVolumio, so plugins can be installed from the Plugin Page, after logging in with a MyVolumio account (either Free or Premium).

It is based on the work done previously by @ashthespy and @VyacheslavS, a big thanks to both of them!

DISCLAIMER: those images are unofficial, released “as-it-is”. No official support will be provided for this device, but help from other community members is more than welcome.

Updates will be released from time-to-time, without a regular schedule. They can be applied with OTA update or by flashing the new image on the SD-card.


  • Onboard Analog output on GPIO header
  • I2S Master output on GPIO header
  • Plugins from Plugin store
  • Manifest UI
  • OTA update

Known issues:

  • The onboard Analog output on the GPIO header is very noisy, due to poor PCB layout.
  • In the Playback output selection, the onboard Analog output is labeled as HDMI.
  • The Bluetooth playback is stuttering with the onboard WiFi/BT Module.

RockPi-S Version 3.569 - Update Volumio backend, support for Tidal FLAC
RockPi-S Version 3.512 - Update Volumio backend, Supersearch and Infinity playback RC
RockPi-S Version 3.503 - Update Volumio backend, Supersearch and Infinity playback Beta
RockPi-S Version 3.456 - First release, kernel Armbian 5.19.17, with additional WiFi drivers

kernel headers