Unofficial Volumio3 images (with MyVolumio) for BananaPi M1

Banana Pi M1 is the first SBC released by the BananaPi team, back in 2014. Besides being almost 10 years old, it is still produced and it is a nice fit with Volumio.

Please find below the unofficial (a.k.a. community porting) images for the BananaPi M1 device, with updated kernel and Volumio backend. Those images include MyVolumio, so plugins can be installed from the Plugin Page, after logging in with a MyVolumio account (either Free or Premium).

It is based on the work done previously by @ashthespy and @VyacheslavS, a big thanks to both of them!

DISCLAIMER: those images are unofficial, released “as-it-is”. No official support will be provided for this device, but help from other community members is more than welcome.

Updates will be released from time-to-time, without a regular schedule. They can be applied with OTA update or by flashing the new image on the SD-card.


  • Onboard Analog on 3.5mm jack
  • Plugins from Plugin store
  • Manifest UI
  • OTA update
  • Kiosk Mode (Volumio UI on HDMI display)

BananaPi M1 Version 3.569 - Update Volumio backend, support for Tidal FLAC
BananaPi M1 Version 3.512 - Update Volumio backend, Supersearch and Infinity playback RC
BananaPi M1 Version 3.503 - Update Volumio backend, Supersearch and Infinity playback Beta
BananaPi M1 Version 3.456 - First release, kernel Armbian 5.15.93, with additional WiFi drivers

kernel headers