Raspberry Pi 5 just announced

we were lucky to get our hands on one sample some weeks before the official launch, so we could spend enough time on testing and optimizing the image for the new RPi5

what you see now is the result of days and days of work behind the scenes :slight_smile:

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With the official box the fan rotates very slowly, almost stopped, without making the slightest noise, and the temperature remains at 46-47 degrees

Very good job

I installed a pi5, at the moment I sometimes have outages and I have to restart

what power supply are you using?

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Hi, I use Volumio on R Pi with my PCM63K DAC

It’s run 24h because I use NowPlaying “weather station”

My Pi3b+ temperature is about 56 - 62C
My Pi4b temeratures is about 75 - 80C

Temps are higher because PCM63 DAC below Volumio streamer use tube analog stage output.

Tomorrow I will install new Pi5 inside. Is possible to have temperature like in Pi3b+ ??
I bought officiall active cooler but want to use without connected fan.

Because for me sound matters I’m away from DIGI hat’s ( I2S in Pi is not good solution for sound transport ) I use USB XMOS with galvanic separation and powered separately both side - clean and dirty without power from USB. In this way my 5V/5A linear power supply powered only Pi. Is it possible to stay with low temp ??

I’ve run test, as did Volumio.
The rPi5 is built in a tiny case, 100x35x150mm. The temp is stable around 60DegC.

It’s give me hope :slight_smile:

keep in mind, Volumio made settings to keep temp low. And the rPi5 is a bit of overkill for Volumio. So it doesn’t need to sweat it out :wink:

I read it few post higher but still afraid. Reason why I change to Pi5 is M2 drive. I want to use it for boot later.

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Is that booting from the same SD Card or M.2 drive

Also whats the local music search like ?
rpi 4 is not bad, but still feels suggish

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It is from the same SD card only replaced from Pi4

The SD read/write times are way faster on a 5. With Raspberry Pi OS it’s a quicker boot on my Pi5 via SD than a Pi4 via USB drive.

Can conform the same with the 7.9 inch screen.
Normally We should at least be able to see the boot sequence, but it stays dark.
Tested both hdmi-0 and 1, added forced parameters to “cmdline.txt”. without succes.
Send the rPi5 back, as it’s turned out to be very unreliable. Maybe because it’s a very early batch, but have no further use for it.

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Seems passive cooling for the rPi5 are coming to town :smile:

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I use it for one week. 46 oC with volumio max.

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I have 56 C vs 68 C on Pi4b. Looks that Pi5 has the same temps as Pi3b+

But Pi4 works in Performance mode:

  • Version of Volumio: 3.569
  • Hostname: volumio
  • Kernel: 6.1.58-v7l+
  • Governor: performance

Pi5 works in Conservative mode

  • Version of Volumio: 3.569
  • Hostname: volumio
  • Kernel: 6.1.58-v8+
  • Governor: conservative

Kernel 6.1.58-v8+ starts as conservative for better temp ??

I see on System Info that Pi5 has higher Average load than Pi4.

But Pi5 still without working HDMI with Volumio ;(

I played a bit with a PI5, things are quite strange and it seems people have different experiences.
version 3.569 - everything works fine with my Pi4. Now on the Pi5.
No picture on the Official Pi Display connected with the new cable, in either ports. HDMI works with no issues.
I2S dac makes strange noises and cannot play, I used the same DIYINHK ES9038Pro in both cases, chosen apple dac in the I2S configuration, works on 4 not on 5.
USB DAC works on both, I like more the sound on Pi5.
I made a linear PSU capable of delivering 5Amps and it gives a boost to the sound compared to the stock Pi 27W PSU.
When can we expect an official release that supports the Pi5 from the volumio team?

it’s already being released, version 3.569 it’s the first one with support for RPi5

if you have problems with a specific HAT, maybe it’s not compatible with the RPi5 at all, it happened already in the past, where some HATs made for RPi3 didn’t work on RPi4 and required a new HW revision.