Qobuz "My Albums" sort options ????

I’m not seeing any way to sort the “My Albums” selections in Qobuz. Seems like something I should be able to do. Am I missing something? Is this a feature that is on the way?

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I guess that question was harder than I thought. Is there some technical reason that adding sort options to Qobuz favorites ( or ‘My Albums’) is particularly difficult?

I miss that option too allready for a long time. I prefer to sort albums on release date like in Tidal.

I would also really like this feature!

Would love to have this as well!

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Same here, sorting and filtering Qobuz on MyVolumio is a pretty bad experience. Qobuz API seems to support sorting like “Added Date”, “A-Z”, “Artist”, “Released Date”, “Composer”. None of this sort options are available in MyVolumio → Qobuz.

Additionally, I would suggest to limit search results to the section user is looking for. Currently, searching results from “Qobuz-> My Albums” returns selections from anywhere in MyVolumio (radios, local music, other streaming apps, etc).

Btw, Tidal implementation does include such sorting options. Although, searching is the same all over MyVolumio bringing results from any context.

It is strange, since I use Volumio with Qobuz the sort of my favorite albums has been always sorted in date order, BUT yesterday after a restart it is imposible to revert the new alphabetical order to the previous one… HELP!!

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This is because we have integrated sorting natively in Volumio… And we are testing the new release…
Just hold on few days and as soon there is a release, just update

Thank you very much, I will be happy with the new function - perfect!

@rost21A great to hear! If you feel adventurous you can update to latest beta :wink:

I have the same problem as well…

And I would add, it’s weird how Volumio functionality can change without downloading an Update, yet to revert, we need to wait for an Update ???

Amateur hour !!!

Before the ranking of the Qobuz album was as the same that of qobuz that is to say chronological. Now,it has become alphabetical,why.

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The chronological sorting of Qobuz albums is back again!

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