Wrong track shown in continuous album playback

Using Volumio Rivo, software ver 3.569

When I play an album from the beginning, both the web UI and the IOS app do not change the track name as the playback moves through the album - the name of the first track I played is shown at all times.
If I manually forward to a specific track, the name of the track being played updates.

The playback queue shows the green playback arrow in the correct location, and the position in the time bar in the main UI is correct. But the track title does not update correctly as the playback moves sequentially through the tracks. The green arrow in the queue will (correctly) suggest one track is being played, while the main UI continues to suggest the first track selected is being played.

I am getting the same behaviour with albums played from Tidal and played from local library.

Sounds like a web browser or wifi issue.

Does the correct track info display if you hit refresh in the WebGUI?

Dear Malcolm,

To facilitate a thorough investigation of the reported issue, could you please raise a ticket?
Kindly attach all relevant information, including screenshots and, if possible, a short video demonstrating the encountered problem.
Also a log link could be useful.

Addressing this matter will be my top priority once the ticket is submitted.

Thank you

Best regards,

Same problem with qobuz streams on rivo.

I can confirm that.
After a lot of repetitions the differences become larger and larger…

the same here too. Not always, but every now and then.
Qobuz streaming Wifi on Primo1 as a bridge to a Lyngdorf…

AND Volumio has also converted my favorites list from Qobuz, from date, it has always been adopted by Qobut based on the date provided. For a week now, Volumio has found alphabetic to be more stylish and refuses to change again. :face_with_monocle:

stay away from my sorting :rofl: