Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

I still miss the log and are you sure you have installed the plugin correctly, as there are no entries for peppy in your asound.conf

cd ~
mkdir ./peppy_screensaver
miniunzip -d ./peppy_screensaver
cd peppy_screensaver
volumio plugin install

Hi - thanks for your quick response. Apologies, didnt realize you were asking for the entire log (its now attached below). I believe that I installed the plugin properly as it was working fine for over a year and I only just started having issues while nothing else in the setup changed. I tried once again this morning turning on the plugin, and it again worked fine for a few songs but then the entire thing became unresponsive - meters showed onscreen, but no movement, album cover art shows, but will not play and no buttons (play/pause, next, etc) react when clicked. Tried changing sources, but that does not help. Turned off the plugin, and everything went back to normal
Thanks for your help

For starters, try to load a smaller playlist, currently there are over 500 items. If tracks are no longer accesible, it might result in weird behavior. Just load an album from Qobuz for testing.
At least your asound.conf is correct now.

I don’t see anything concerning in the logs, besides the big load of tracks.

Yep - I think thats part (if not all) of my problem. Playing from Albums seeems to go OK, but when I try to play from tracks or playlists, is when the problems begin (only when peppymeter is turned on). Seems like I am out of luck then, since I dont want to remove favorites - may try deleting some playlists and see if that makes a difference
Thanks again for trying to sort out

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Hello everyone!

I have a question that couldn’t find in this thread. Are there any custom designs for a 7.9 wide 1280x400 screen with vu meters and play info?


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How about this: (you didn’t spend much time on searching, only this topic has +30 post on 1280x400)
But we’ve created a special section, to make it easier to find them:


Dear Andy, I am looking for similar enclosure or chasis to build a Volumio Streamer with waveshare 11.9 Inches screen with a RPI 4 , DAC, Power SMPS Inside. Can I get your suggestions and recommendations on the exact size or dimensions of the enclosure.

I assure you I was looking for several days, but I only found spatial info here and there. What you have posted is it possible to pin it somewhere? It would be very useful for future members and I thank you for this info! The thread is awfully long and too complicated!

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Euh, I’ve created a brand new category for the templates, can’t get it more sticky:

Hi Rajiv, sorry for a late reply. The box that I have a 7.9" touchscreen display was built by my friend in Thailand and he gave it to me during my visit. There are only the display and RPi4 piggy backed to the display controller with some extensions cord to the back. Nothing fancy but it looks good with my other components.

I wish I could help. BTW, it a wooden box.

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I am trying to put new skins into Peppy player but it is not working , i drag the file’s from left to right and merge the meters.txt from the left to the meters.txt to the right.
I can see the new meters in Peppy but nothing starts like normal in about 20 sec.
Please help

Dear @Biba our friend @Andy_Yong has posted a nice tutorial on You tube for the same

Are you sure you have followed all the steps in the video ?

Yes but in the file on de screen that you can see , it is not the same file as in de video.
The meters.tx that he change are not in a standard Volumio setting, in the 1024 x 600 that i download is not a add file just a meters.txt.
And i merge it with the meters.txt on the right site and i see the skins but no screensaver started.
I replace the meters.txt from the right with de meters.txt from the left and thats nog working also .

Can you send your meter.txt so I can help you take a look?


Hi, will you be able to peppy meter work with 1280 x 480 resolution? Thanks for your hard work.

Peppy meter itself will work, not depended on screen size. However you will not be able to run it in Full screen as there are no templates for 1280*480. The closest is 1280*400

You can always try to create them yourself.

I have got it working, it seems there was a corrupt file, i remove everything en than install it back en now it works great.
Thanx for the message.

I see. I tried using 1280x400 but it is cut off at the bottom. I am using 1280x720, it works with some skins.

How do i create one myself? Is there a guide on how to make one? Thank you.

i gave you the link in my previous reply

oh sorry, i didn’t realize it was a link. Thank you so much. I’ll try to figure it out, i just built my Volumio setup a few days ago, this is all new to me. lol I bought the Eleclab 10.3 inch touch screen 1280x480. now im thinking of just returning it to get the waveshare 7.9.

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