About the PeppyMeter Templates category

This category is intended to collect all create templates for PeppyMeter, to avoid that they are scattered across multiple topics and hard to find.

To keep this clean and structured, please follow these guidelines.

  • The main topics are seperated by screen width and within these topics by height.
  • Every subtopic contains the following information:
    • Resolution:
    • Template name
    • a 400 px width screenshot of the template
    • Instructions if needed
    • Download link, containing
		*.needle.png or *.indicator.png
		*.meters.txt (only for this template)
  • If you want to comment on these templates, please only do this in the “Questions and suggestions for templates” topic.
  • If you like a template just place thumb or heart, dont reply within the topic. Replies will be (re)moved to the main topic

How to create a template:
peppy_meter for rPi:
peppy_meter for x86:

example posting: PeppyMeter Templates width: 1280 - #28 by Wheaten

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