Project with PeppyMeter/PeppySpectrum Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO

My Volumio Journey and the PeppyMeter Screen Saver Plugin

My Volumio Journey

• For being a Volumio user since 2020, I have to give a big thanks to the pandemic.

• Besides having a lot of time to ultrasonic-clean my collection of over 3k vinyls, I was looking for a way to improve my streaming quality in terms of sound and vision.

• Before Volumio, I was recording my favorite songs from my LPs into MP3 320kbps, which I listened to with my headphones on the long-haul flight to Thailand. Then I found Volumio (via Google, of course) and with a small investment in a RPi4 and a Topping D50s DAC, the result was incredible. I had to re-record all my songs to WAV format. My past experiences with sound quality, in order from best to worst, were: LP → CD → MP3 → radio. Now: LP → Volumio/CD → radio.

Improved Sound Quality with Volumio

• Now, with my current Volumio setup (RPi5 + Topping D90mqa + Volumio/PeppyMeter), I spend 80-90% of the time listening to Volumio.

The PeppyMeter Screen Saver Plugin

• The reason I like the PeppyMeter Screen Saver Plugin by 2aCD so much is that I wanted to have a screen to show song information and album artwork while I listen to music.

• At first, the Touch Display Plugin gave me everything I wanted, and that should have been reason enough to stay with Volumio. However, out of the blue, 2aCD created an instant hit with the PeppyMeter Screen Saver Plugin in March 2021, and at that time I wanted to have it on my screen really badly.

PeppyMeter’s Popularity and My Involvement

• I contacted 2aCD, showed him what I had done, and made some suggestions on what I thought PeppyMeter should be (for example, the moving song title when the title is too long for the limited space). Believe me, back then it wasn’t as easy as it is today to install—a lot of manual compiling was involved—and 2aCD was kind enough to help me remotely via TeamViewer.

Gelo5 Skins

• Then came Gelo5 Skins, which are the third-greatest thing, besides Volumio and the Touch Display/PeppyMeter Screen Saver Plugin.

Thank you to all of you who made this happen with your passion.

Today, Volumio is still my hobby with 3 RPi4s, 1 RPi5, 1 Asus TBS, Topping D90mqa, SMSL C100.


ps. I also wanted to thank @nerd for making Volumio boot from USB/NVMe possible.

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Thanks for your time to write this down. Sure the peeps at Volumio appreciate it.

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I would like to mention a special thanks to @Andy_Yong as his youtube videos has always guided us to make the Volumio and Peppymeter thing possible as I come from a non technical background.

Friends, since I have started using Volumio and Peppymeter for about a while now, so I am really forgetting few steps. Currently, I am using Rpi5 8GB RAM on a Argon case and it is running smooth while connecting from volumio.local. The only issue is while I connect the HDMI to the RPI case, I am not able to get the display on my 4k TV. Can someone please guide me the steps as how to activate the display as well as 4K output ?

Thanks in advance


Look Here

Hello all, love Volumio, love PeppyMeter VU plugin but cant get it to work. I followed thew instructions carefully but cant get it to work at all. Can anyone provide a little support? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Are you running the lates beta of Volumio, instead of the latest stable release? If so roll back to V3.661

Hello Wheaton, no i am using the latest stable version 3.661.

First remove DSP, reboot and retest.
and if it still doesn’t work post a log. I will move this to the Peppy meter topic, so people that monitor peppy issues will be notified.

Built-in skins don’t work either?
This is RPI? What other plugins do you have installed? Does volumio without peppyscreen work?

Hello Gelo5, thank you so much for your kind support.

Yes this in RPI. Volumio works perfectly in general. What do you mean by built-in skins?
These are the plugins i have installed:

I will also do what Wheaton suggested above (remove DSP, reboot) - i had tried this but without rebooting it and it had not worked. Will keep you posted.

Good news. Wheaton’s suggestion worked. Removing fusiondsp and rebooting fixed it. Thank you all for your help. What a great community this is!

One more thing: do you have Spectrum and PeppyScreen enabled at the same time?

Yes i had but removed it. why? they wont work? also what is the spectrum? i installed thinking maybe that was needed too…

Peppy-Spetrum 0.0.23 (super plugin from @balbuze ) OR PeppyMeter Screensaver (from @2aCD) . One is ON, the other is OFF
You don’t need to delete anything.

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Good afternoon, dear friend! Why does the last digit react poorly to the signal? Maybe I configured something incorrectly?

There is a level at 20 kHz but it is very short and small

What are the bitrate and sample rate?
try e.g. 44.1/16

I’m not using a DAC yet. Audio output to headphones. Maybe because of this?

Is this playing from internet radio? what is the BITRATE?

KissKissRadio 128 Kbps