Project with PeppyMeter/PeppySpectrum Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO

Write what problem you have. What hardware and software do you have?

Sorry I didn’t explain the issue since I was replying to an older thread.
I have a Volumio 3.6 installed on Allo USBridge Signature device, and I added the PeppyMeter screensaver v1,5.0 zip following the instructions on this forum. The skins are looking great, thanks for all that work.
The issue I was having was the song name didn’t get updated when the track changes. So it shows the first track correct, the it stays the name during playing the same album. To avoid this issue I was thinking why not keeping the existing volumio UI and use a lower resolution PeppyMeter folder to overlay on top of the UI. Then the problem of positioning arised, since the lower PeppyMeter will always show on top left corner of the screen, partially covering the UI.
So, to summarize I have 2 issues

  • the PeppyMeter skins (1920x1080 as provided with the 1.5.0 zip) do not update the track name during play
  • how to position a PeppyMeter skin when lower resolution the screen is used; it always show on top left corner.
    I hope this is not too confusing.
    Thank you,

I don’t know this device. If you can install version 1.5, you can install version 2.1. Install. How? Click on my avatar.
Also install the latest version of Volumio 3.661

Started from scratch. Installed latest Volumio and followed the guidelines for PeppyMeter screensaver v2.1
No issues, all working good. Nice work!

1920x515 updated

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Yesterday I installed Peppymeter 2.1.0 on 4 different streamers, all with a 7.9 inch HDMI Waveshare screen and all with a Philips 1541A USB DAC.
Peppy works fine on all, except infrared does not work well with Peppy, the interface stops and does not continue.
unfortunately I didn’t make a log.
and what cool skins there are now, awesome.

1024x600 updated

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Hi @michel8166,
can you explain exactly, which plug-in you use and what you do, and what is not working correctly

they are all raspberry pi 4 with the latest volumio v3.661 with a philips 1541A USB DAC.

with the plugins, now playing, rotary encoder II, infrared, gpio buttons (only for power on/off on gpio 3) youtube2, youtube cast receiver and spotify.

As soon as Spotify starts playing, the next song works well via the app or touchscreen.
if I use infrared for next, it goes to the next one, the next infrared push nothing happens and the interface stops, even via the app or touchscreen the interface no longer responds, sound still comes out but no longer goes to the next number.
The strange thing is that the spectrum works but the VU meters do not, see screenshot of the skin I used.

When I turn off Peppy, infrared works well and causes no problems.

in this case I turned off infrared because he prefers to have a peppy meter on his raspberry pi.
I can ask the owner if he would like to make a log with infrared enabled.
Schermafbeelding 2024-05-12 om 17.02.18

The lirc from ir-control normally starts the command

volumio toggle
volumio next
volumio previous 

Is that working, if you start it per console.

Sorry I can’t test anymore. I no longer have all 4 streamers at home, they are now with the owner.

the owner himself has little knowledge of software and customization and it will be difficult for him to test this.


I got Peppymeter up and running, but i do not get any info about album cover and artist information (or radio station information). I got it in main gui and even in “Now Playing” plugin.

How can I add that info, witch file to edit?

I use the Black an white temple:


Glad for any help!

Did you play around with your own template as I see a mix of Gelo’s and mine?

please take a look here:

If you use ready-made templates, you don’t need to add anything. If, as @wheaten writes, you make your own - read the instructions.
This is 1920x1080? What version of Peppyscreen?

questo è una piccola prova

[mod=Wheaten, google translate]
this is a little test

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Its 1.5

I just want to know where the files are, a link too documentation. Then I fix it by my self. It is hard to find proper documentation. I did not try to edit any file, I just tried to install different version of Peppymeter. Started with the beta 2.0, did not function, went back to 1.4, then a tried 1.5, to se if it solved the problem. It did not.

I found the reason for not having any song and cover image, I run my own script to start Peppymeter, by python3 ./ The installation functions, but then I do not have any peppymeter moving.

800x480 updated


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Hello ,
I have installed v 2.1.0 .
What does mean folder with Meta name in ?
Now I do not need to use custom 10 folder for 800x480 resolution ?
The skins are absolutely gourgeous!