X86 Hardware issues (Graphics, WiFi, Onboard Sound, external DACs, Disks, BIOS/UEFI Boot problems etc.)

In the meantime, thanks, I meant to say that I hoped these malfunctions were linked to some correctable error of the 3.616 given that up until the 3.569 everything was, and still is, fine.

Volumio 3.629 (I know it is test version). Nas and files are visible. After some time, the NAS is still visible but the library disappears and cannot be updated. Restart restores the library.

Hi All

I have not seen “Install to Disk” on Volumio 3.629

How can I install Volumio on pc?


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This needs to be checked, we are not aware of the issue.

I can confirm the issue, the error has been located and we are working on a fix.

issue has been fixed, you can flash this version or update your current one to 3.633 (after enabling test mode)


volum 2 prime.
I am out of my league here. Payed for years subscription, but can not figure how to get the Volumio software on my macbook air 8 to log in.* Tried all the sights suggestion, but nothing seemed to work. Is this music service even compatible with macbook air?
If so, could someone in the know, please give me step by step directions on how to get
the appropriate software on my computer figuring I am in kindergarten when it comes to tech issues. Thanks so much…Rich Hudson

HI Rich,

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did you follow the instructions from this page: Get Started - Volumio ?

  • Download the PC (X86/X64) version
  • Unzip the downloaded zip-file, this will give an .img file
  • Flash (not copy) the .img to a USB thumb drive
  • Boot from the flashed USB thumb drive

I’m not an owner of a Macbook, so I cannot tell you how get the device to boot from USB.
Usually you press something like F12 to interrupt the boot process, which then lets you choose your boot device.
Your BIOS documentation should be of help here or perhaps someone in your ring of friends knows?

Once you get the image booted, check whether you have a network connection.
If so, find the ip address from your Macbook.
Then on another device with a browser type http://111.222.333.444/dev (replace the ip with yours).
This opens the Volumio Test Player.
Go to section Send Log or Bug report, give a small description and press “Send”.
After a few seconds, the descriptiuon will be replace with a url (in this format: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/bvH67tI.html). Copy that string and post it here.

Thank you so much for your quick response. Yes I did follow the instructions the best I could. However, honestly, I am not at the level to really follow the directions you have given me. For one, I am just trying to get a functional take on how to log into Volmino and use their product. Take Roon for example. You sign up, pay and Roon puts the software on your computer and your ready to go. I am sensing that somehow you have to go though a lot of technological hoops to get Volumio to work, The directions you have given me, which honestly I don’t understand, will just take me to the point were I can get some more information on how to access the Volumio software. This I am sure of, mac and microsoft are different platforms. Why would clicking on a PC platform work with a Mac? What is an .img file. Copy I can do. But what does it mean to “Flash” instead of copy? I think of an image as being pictorial. But in context I don’t think you mean that. Lastly what is the world is a Bug or a Volumio test Player?

Sorry, I suspect your probably gettin it. I am way out of my league here. Obviously there are no simple directions that work on how to get the software I need on my Macbook air 8 if indeed this software is even compatible with this ubiquitous computer.

Obviously I can copy my IP address into the web browsers search field. It does not get me anywhere. Type the Volumio Local address and the computer does not recognize it. All this makes me wonder if you don’t need a PT-link dongle and are hooked up to its software to make to get you anywhere. Well If you have anymore suggestions for just an average user like myself, would appreciate it. Thanks again…Rich

I’m afraid I have no other way of helping you, some basic computer skills, like flashing an .img file to a usb stick are required. We don’t have an installation tool like Roon.
Do you not know anyone with some basic computer skills who can help?

Pls. note that Roon is a software that you install on your operating system, Volumio itself is an operating system - so there is a big difference.

I’m only assuming, but I get the idea that you’re hoping to still use your Mac as a Mac after putting Volumio on it. This is not the case. Your Mac will be a ‘Volumio’ rather than a Mac.

Whilst reading this thread I think your question is on how to install Volumio on your MacBook Air 8. As a generic guide you can use How to Install Linux on a Mac : HelloTech How. When following instructions, use downloaded Volumio x86 img with the Etcher app. Steps will convert your MacBook Air 8 to dual boot configuration. As such, you can choose where you wish to boot your MacBook Air 8 to: MacOS or Volumio OS.

As it has already been highlighted - Volumio is a complete ecosystem, from OS (Operating System) all way up to the UI (User Interface). This is not a media player application or program that you can install directly on any OS.

I stand corrected! A little (tiny) knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sorry!

Sorry to interrupt again, it appears, reading the members first reply, that he has issues understanding basic computing terms, which is perfectly normal. So throwing more technical documentation is of no use.
It needs somebody close to him helping out with it, there is not much we can do with more documentation.

basicly there is nothing wrong about flashing a Volumio image to a usb stick and boot from it on a Mac Air.
It has been done before by more than a few, an older Mac Air works really well, just another intel platform.
The issue here is how to do it without the necessarily skills.

Hello all,

Yesterday I equipped my second Dell Wyse 3040 with Volumio.
However, I no longer see the option: “install on disk” anywhere in settings. Is this hidden somewhere else now? Or how can I install Volumio on the Dell instead of booting from USB?

Did you download the latest stable version V3.634?
If No => Download the latest stable version.

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please update to v3.634, no need to enable test mode (just released as stable)

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Yep, that did the trick. Was still running on version 3.629. It works after an update. Thank you.

Hello everyone, I installed the x86 version on a 10.-inch tablet. It works except for the following 2 problems:

  1. The built-in sound card cannot be recognized and can only use USB DAC
  2. It cannot be restarted or completely shut down and shut down. In the end, there was light in the screen, but no image, and it remained like this.
    The appearance of the platform computer is more convenient and more beautiful than the PI+ external screen. Can anyone help solve the problem?Thanks!