X86 Hardware issues (Graphics, WiFi, Onboard Sound, external DACs, Disks, BIOS/UEFI Boot problems etc.)

Thank you. Can I describe in more detail how and where to set it up?

on the Wyse with the media attached go to:
“+ Add new Drive”
Volumio will scan the network, net click on the device that has the disk attached:

Writes “network drives not found”

All three devices are on the same network with the same mask
Please post the logs from these devices here on the forum:

Sorry for the delay in responding. The router was rebooting.
both computers are connected to the same hub

you need to paste the url, otherwise we can’t read it :slight_smile:

These ones?

Oh, I get it)

a bit confused, I see in both logs a connected USB device with audio.
You stated that you want one device with Audio and share it with the 2 others?

The disk is connected to only one computer
I wanted two devices with sound and one device with a music library. Two computers are physically available to me now, the third is in another room, it is now closed, I cannot get into it. I need the second computer to have access to the SSD drive of the first computer from one computer with an SSD drive

I reset both computers to factory settings and installed the latest updates. SSD drive on only one computer
I reset both computers to factory settings and installed the latest updates. SSD drive is only on one computer. Made new log files

So holds your USB disk.
You should be able now to connect to the library on

Guys, I moved the Wyse support issue to this x86 support thread

It’s working! Super! Thanks! Low bow! It turned out to be so simple)

Yeah Volumio did their best to make it as easy as possible.
So now enjoy your music.

:grinning: :+1: :handshake:

Volumio! You are the best!

Ho recuperato x pochi euro un nas che non eseguiva il booting, riparato , e installato Volumio v3, in quanto ha a bordo una scheda madre x86 64 bit, un display 16x2, e 2 giga di ram. Tutto ok, il sistema funziona, ma non riesco a vedere gli altri dischi interni. Qualcuno ha provato questa soluzione?

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I recovered for a few euros a NAS that wasn’t booting, repaired it, and installed Volumio v3, as it has an x86 64 bit motherboard on board, a 16x2 display, and 2 gigabytes of RAM. Everything ok, the system works, but I can’t see the other internal disks. Has anyone tried this solution?

Avrebbe anche a bordo dei pulsanti. e un display display, credo sia i2c, sarebbe bello configurarlo con volumio

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It would also have on-board buttons. and a display display, I think it’s i2c, it would be nice to configure it with volumio