White Screen with latest update

rpi3b, Official 7" screen, volumio latest official.

Hello, the latest update apears to display a white screen only.

Any way to fix this, or just wait for the next update?



So, you are on 3.324?

Has the UI layout possibly been changed?

And related to your post over here: Did the white screen occur in connection with using this power supply or updating Volumio?

Hey gvolt,

I’m on 3.369, and the layout is the same.

The Power supply issue was a red herring/coincidence. The issue happens with both suplies.



Ok, but this is not the latest stable version but a beta release… Lastest stable version as of today is still 3.324.

Apart from that:

  • What UI layout is currently set?

  • Does the display show the Volumio startup screen at system startup or is the screen white from the beginning?

Ah, I see, didnt realise I was on beta, any way to get back?

UI layout is currently set on Contemporary, but I’ve cycled all three to test.

On boot I see text, then “Volumio”, everything loads as normal, when I press play, the screen goes White.


IIRC you would have to start from scratch. I would recommend doing this anyway if you want to return to 3.324.

So initially Volumio’s UI is shown and only when you press play, the screen goes white?

Please describe your hardware setup including external device which are possibly connected to your Pi.

Volumio’s UI does not show, I Just get the Boot “Volumio” on start up then just a Black screen. Then when I press play, (from laptop) the rpi screen goes white.

Hardware setup is: RPI3B, iqAudio dac hat, official 7" screen, 32g usb memory stick. stock power supply.


Thanks for reporting, we are checking as we speak



My first thought was some sort of a regression of this issue.

Ok, Just uninstalled touch plugin, reinstalled it, and it has fixed the issue.

thankyou for your help gvolt.