WebRadio - add coverart and more fields

It would be interesting if more fields might be provided in form when adding new “My Web Radio”. That is 'bitrate", stream protocol, country/location, radio logo, user notes, etc.

This might be a simple implementation that would must improve user webradios and personal notes.

Thx, Xant


Hi, it is not a precise answer to this question, but it is linked, so I prefer to not oppen a new subject about IP radio.
I found it works quite well currently, but some IP link could be bad. And your logos database is not so accuracy.
Do you know “Radioplayer” ? It is a project in which official radio station participate. So IP links are sure and logos are uptodated.
A good idea could be to implement it on Raspberry and in Volumio

Nico et al

There are diverse “projects” or websites trying to “communize” WebRadio services. Unfortunately, I had not find one that yet tops DIY. And therefore, the “more fields in form” suggestion for Volumio.

Some sites, or references:

As a Windows Player, MusicBee has some extra capabilities… which is a better DIY WebRadio library/capabilities (including more fields: stream URL, name, homepage, bitrate, format, genre, folder, description, logo, etc).

Roon has an “open database” for WebRadio community base collaboration (again, with more data/fields).

I do believe that adding fields, and improving WebRadio DIY database, would be a Great improvement to Volumio.


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I recently added a new webradio favourite and was rather surprised to see how minimal the implementation is. You can’t add any metadata (album art, link to the host etc) it’s a shame considering the code base should support it easily, but it was probably just never implemented…



Your comments are correct… NO Metadata as Volumio MyWebRadio capabilities are minimal and been a while since I’m raising this flag. I consider this not just “an implementation”, but a MUST have for Volumio.

Here is a snapshot from MusicBee regarding WebRadio input:


Another feature that would be “good to have”, is that some WebRadios send information for what is “now playing” - Music Title, Artist, etc.

On top of that, there is some other annoyances regarding Volumio MyWebRadio database implementation. As for example, if you Edit the database “card” for a specific WebRadio you already placed-in, it does NOT Edit… but creates a new “card”, requiring refresh, and deletion of the “old one”.



As a first step – this is how simple it can be!

  1. Edit the list to add the icon as a url
# Freshly added fav
volumio@volumio:~$ jq < /data/favourites/radio-favourites
    "service": "webradio",
    "uri": "http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s255597",
    "title": "80s80s Radio",
    "icon": "fa-microphone"

# Add the right icon 
volumio@volumio:~$ jq '.[].icon="http://cdn-radiotime-logos.tunein.com/s255597q.png"' < /data/favourites/radio-favourites
    "service": "webradio",
    "uri": "http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s255597",
    "title": "80s80s Radio",
    "icon": "http://cdn-radiotime-logos.tunein.com/s255597q.png"
  1. Patch webradio plugin
diff --git a/app/plugins/music_service/webradio/index.js b/app/plugins/music_service/webradio/index.js
index 96ebb4b..0f1a055 100755
--- a/app/plugins/music_service/webradio/index.js
+++ b/app/plugins/music_service/webradio/index.js
@@ -745,6 +745,7 @@ ControllerWebradio.prototype.listMyWebRadio = function (uri) {

     for (var i in data) {
       var ithdata = data[i];
       var song = {
         service: 'webradio',
         type: 'mywebradio',
@@ -752,7 +753,8 @@ ControllerWebradio.prototype.listMyWebRadio = function (uri) {
         album: '',
         title: ithdata.name,
         uri: ithdata.uri,
-        icon: 'fa fa-microphone'
+        icon: ithdata.icon || 'fa fa-microphone',
+        albumart: ithdata.albumart || ithdata.icon  || null

@@ -808,7 +810,8 @@ ControllerWebradio.prototype.listRadioFavourites = function (uri) {
         title: ithdata.title,
         // artist: ithdata.artist,
         // album: ithdata.album,
-        icon: 'fa fa-microphone',
+        icon: ithdata.icon || 'fa fa-microphone',
+        albumart: ithdata.albumart || ithdata.icon  || null,
         uri: ithdata.uri
  1. Profit

Hey Ash

Innnnnteresting. I see…

Let’s also “see” if Volumio Developers get the message, as there are more to be done and Metadata. The flag now been waived…

best, Xant


@balbuze entered this/similar issue almost a year ago



Interesting as to keep the talk going, but mod seems quite specific (to RadioParadise plugin).

As suggestion to Volumio Developers, we want to see more WebRadio database functionality implemented.

best, Xant


Not really just a Radio Paradise issue/solution
Track info and covers works nicely in HifiberryOs , would be nice to have that in Volumio too
(At least a possibility to change the webradion icon would be nice)


After saving an manually added stream link from a webradio station, which is not listed in Volumio, there is no album art available. Most chance is, that this station does not send any.

In that case, it will be very handy, if the user can add the station logo him self.

At the moment, there is no possibility to add a station logo manually.

Please, add this possibility :wink:

Now it looks like this:

I would like to be able to make it like this myself:

Thank you very much in advance.



Can someone from Volumio, please, at least give us a sign, that this is being read?
It feels, like we are talking in a dark room :wink:

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Euh… the :heart: was only to say I like the idea… :flushed:

I know…
It was not pointed at you.
It is pointed at Volumio staff in general. This thread is months old, but what happened to solve the issue? Nothing.

There is a discussion about this request on Volumio’s GitHub. And what happens there? Guess?

If we have one way communication, there is a small chance on progress.

We need Volumio to talk with us. React somehow. That’s, what I meant… :wink:

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If you don’t need all these streaming services, like me, take a look at raudio-1.
B.t.w. I’ve a lifetime Volumio license, but sometimes I think that I will switch over.
Sadly it’s only for RPI users.

We hear you guys.

It’s just that we are considering priorities.

This has already been noted, but has low priority at the moment unfortunately as we are fully focused on fixing volumio 3 bugs and porting all plugins to it


Thank you for the response. That’s all, what was needed :wink:

To BebeMischa

Yeahhhh… THANK you MUCH for raising the flag… and bringing some LIGHT…we are NO longer talk to empty ears, a wall, or in the Dark (I wish…)

To Volumio Team and Italian Friends

Thank you MUCH for vs-3… noticeable PERFORMANCE increase.

But I may say that as FEATURE difference from previous… not much… and a missed opportunity to increase the Radio capabilities.

Don’t think “much” development work needed here… but more regarding just adding extra fields for Radio Database… given users more options and freedom to punch and adjust Radio themselves.

Sure, bugs, OS platform, development language, etc are priority. But hey… suggest some time put aside… for features. Your LOYAL army of followers would appreciate some care.

Ciao, Xant

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Thanks Xant :wink:

We are collecting features requests, and setting up an algorithm to prioritize them based on demand and potential impact :wink:

Thanks for your message

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Thanks for the update. Let us know if we can do anything to help add the missing station logos.

I would vote for a centralised fix rather than allowing users to add station logos locally. Otherwise there will be a huge duplication of effort and problems with losing these local tweaks when doing a fresh install, etc.