Volumio and privacy

I am very privacy conscious so i opted out for the telemetry data in Volumio. Using a Pi-Hole i now see a large number of connections made by Volumio. Some of them are explainable:


So an update check and a “push” channel to send the updates but what are these:


I did not yet “monitor” the traffic that is send / received to/from these servers ! As a test i blocked all these connections and Volumio just works fine without them. I do notice that Volumio tries to connect every 5 seconds to pushupdates.volumio.org quickly earning first place in my “blocked top 10” in the Pi-Hole.

So why do i block the update check / push? I installed the update and lost all settings and all plugins. In the new version these plugins are not (yet) available so i re-installed the previous version for now.

My question remains, what are all these connections and where are they used for?


The questions of these server connections keep surfacing from time to time, but information on it is spread out across multiple sources.

So here is an attempt to centralise the scattered knowledge

Updater and related

mqtt.volumio.org is our broker for mqtt communication, used for myvolumio presence system and in the future for push updates.

myVolumio and related

Additional reading