V3, local USB drive playback, PLAY: "Failed to open ALSA device "volumio": No such device

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I read the V3 issues list in vain. I am new to Volumio. After several days I am still not able to play a track from a locally connected USB drive containing music. I have the lastest Volumio version on rpi4, and an Ambiophonics HAT (Sabre 2qm, selected in the settings).

I can play via the roon bridge plugin, but only if I use USB out that is looped back to the USB input of the DAC. No problems then.

The i2s alternative is also not working.

I am a little stuck since I cannot get the core playback features to work. Help appreciated!

I think you need to find which I2S driver you need to use for this DAC.
My suggestion is to ask the DAC manufacturer, then select it properly from the I2S DAC menu.

Let us know

Just searched for this hat, and this old link came up, don’t know if this is the same as yours, but may help! I didn’t read the whole thread.

AUDIOPHONICS I-Sabre DAC ES9018K2M - now reviewed - Audio Gear Talk / Raspberry Pi - Roon Labs Community

@Volumio, this AudioPhonics DAC is based on the ESS SABRE 9038 2qm chip. It is nothing else if a fantastic sounding DAC. High-End quality. https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/network-audio-players-raspdac/audiophonics-evo-sabre-pack-diy-balanced-dac-2xes9038q2m-streamer-for-raspberry-pi-4-p-14639.html

It do have a driver in the Volumio i2s drop down list, and this driver have been selected. This does not work. Cannot use Volumio for playback via i2s at the moment.

HOWEVER, this same driver works perfectly with Ropieee + i2s dac, and also with an Android12 image, so then we know this driver is not the problem. It works, but not with Volumio.

I ask: Is this particular HAT DAC driver really implemented in Volumio? It is called “audiophonics …9028…”

BUT, my question was about Volumio not working WHEN PLAYING MUSIC FROM A LOCAL USB DRIVE. I then get this ALSA error. This is, I assume, in the USB DAC mode since i2s does not work. What are the possible reasons for Volumio not seeing ALSA when playing such a file? I have sent a log to you, could you look into it?

I am wondering: What is the difference in the utilization of the Linux ALSA audio stack when playing:

  1. Via Roon Bridge
  2. Via Volumio itself

Is it the same route down in the audio chain drivers or are these separate systems?
Because, Roon plugin works with usb out without problems.


  1. Volumio with Roon plugin works, but on USB out only, not on i2S. The i2s output does not appear in Roons list of audio outputs (but usb, hdmi and headphone out does). So the Roon plugin does not see the i2s driver!
  2. Volumio does not work in any situation (USB or I2S out) when trying to play tracks from the local USB drive.

I am a sw engineer myself. I smell there are things here that is not yet fully implemented (even though the i2s driver is selectable in the Volumio settings). Can you look into that?

And as I said, new to Volumio (that looks nice), so I am a little confused when it comes to selecting audio out. I am not really sure what output is selected. When I click that, I expected to see alternatives

  2. USE I2S OUT

But I do not. I see only “THIS DEVICE”. Can you please give a comment to that?

Finally, is there anything in this thread that might explain why I am in trouble with a locally connected drive. I would expect that the system automatically accepts the drive and mounts it, etc, but perhaps not?? Volumio USB drive not a USB drive?

Thanks for your response!

@jiffy. Thanks for linking in that very interesting thread, even if it is about an outdated DAC from AudioPhonics and others, not the DAC I have here. The interesting issue in that thread is the potential benefits of using a reclocker (KALI in this case) for jitter assassination, indeed a superhot debate that would be good to lift up and discuss when investigating how to make a dac sound as best it can.

Hey, no problem. I am nosey, so like to see what other people have, or are doing! Hope you get sorted.

did you look at this? i think this is your setup. maybe it helps.

here you can find a pre-configured image of Volumio 3.173 under Evo Sabre DAC Images


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