Unofficial Volumio3 images (with MyVolumio) for OrangePi SBCs with H3 processor

Fine! I found how to rotate the image on the display in the system (see post above).
Now I understand that the touch display plug-in is not working for me as it should! And most importantly, on my system its settings consist of only three sections:

  • Screensaver Settings
  • Mouse Poiner Settings
  • Scale Settings

And that’s the question - where are all the other sections?

  • “brightness_conf”
  • “orientation_conf”
  • “gpumem_conf”

those are only working on a RPi system, that’s why they are hidden in yours

I recommend to ask for help on the official thread of the touch display plugin

I would like to ask, is only ver 3.456 version a wifi device that can be used? Unfortunately, this link is broken. The wifi function cannot be used in other versions, especially ver 3.569. I am using the orange pi pc plus version. Thank you for God’s blessing.