Tidal Connect Failures

This problem is gone since the last update quite some time ago. Tidal Connect works flawless now.

I would like to be able to say the same.
For me Volumio just disappeared from Tidal app. So I assume Tidal Connect just doesn’t work for some reason.

It worked before, I even installed Volumio from alpha channel, but still my RPi based player doesn’t show up in Tidal Android app.

Here are my logs if someone would like to take a look:

It’s worth reinstalling the tidal apps after the last update. Mine is a fair bit better now I think (and hope).

Still broken, tidal connect is not really usable, hopefully they can advise on the issue. I don’t think my Raspberry pi would be stuffed already if own library plays fine.
It was stable around the time up to an update or two just after the tidal hi-res update.

Edit: Have enabled test mode and updated to 3.694, will test that out for a while. Just means would need a re-flash if I wanted to go back to ‘stable’ version. Plugin test mode - the youtube Cast Receiver worked the first time amazingly.

The problem where playback stopped happened after a while though. Just going to use Chomecast Audio or BT I guess until it’s fixed, not worth the disappointment really when it plays up.

Ah that’s right, casting CCA only works on the phone app (not pc app) or web browser, and can’t cast youtube videos to audio (unless cast the webpage). That and no gapless is why I set up volumio. It’s still CD quality I guess. Don’t care about hi-res that much.