Tidal Connect Failures


First off thanks for this great audio player OS!

I’m running a Raspberry Pi 4 with Allo DigiOne DAC and Volumio 3.569. I have persistent issues with Tidal Connect. Connecting is fine but if I skip tracks backwards/forwards (even within the same album) sooner or later it will stop responding. Also scrubbing within the track will do this.

From this point on attempting to do anything with Volumio (e.g. playing a radio station) will result in the following error:

“Failed to open “alsa” (alsa); Failed to open ALSA device “Volumio”: Device or resource busy”

Only a restart will get things going again.

Any ideas?

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I have the exact same problem. When I skip tracks with Tidal Connect Tidal often freeze and restarting Volumio is the only thing that resets it. A solution would be very welcome. I will most likely leave Volumio if there is o fix for this since it makes Tidal almost unusable.

Using Raspberry Pi 3B+

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Thanks for the heads up.we are looking into it

Thanks. If you need me to test anything or provide logs I can do that. Tidal Connect is one of the main features I use on Volumio so it would be great to see it running well.

There are no problems when playing Tidal from the Volumio app, only trough Connect.

Yes, please provide some logs as soon as the issue occurs. Thanks

I sent you a couple of logs too since I have the same problem. Hope it helps.

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when you create a log, you should post the url, which is returned to you, here

I have some time now to create debug logs for this issue. But… how do I do that :slight_smile:

Is there an article somewhere on creating debug logs? Do I need to SSH into the device?


How to create a log

Post the URL here please

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Immediately after a forward / backward track skip failure with tidal connect. Only takes about 10 skips to fail usually.

and then the log for the ‘failed to open ALSA device’ error that is shown immediately after trying to play any other media. in this case web radio.


Hey guys something isn’t so great after the last update wish I didn’t do it. Tidal connect seems to bomb out after a while. Didn’t used to happen.

Will try and get a log file sometime.

If I change the DAC settings, e.g. disable the Allo Digi One and then enable it again, that seems to get things moving again. Obviously that isn’t a solution but maybe it helps to debug this.

It seems to appears less often but I still got this issues on my devices when I’m switching songs with Tidal Connect.

Yes that’s a good trick i am using more often.
I am using an RPi 4 - seems that the cables on the side are very sensitive and if you touch/move them it diconnects and connects all the time so have to be careful not to bump them - could have been the last issue.

ps. just did the update

Just came here to say “me too”.

I want to switch from using Qobuz to Tidal, partly because I like that I can use the Tidal app with Tidal Connect, but when I tried it a few weeks ago I noticed this problem straight away. The recent update didn’t fix it.

It happens for me using both my HiFiBerry Digi+ and USB output. I’ve been using the workaround someone posted to get things working again but that’s hardly a solution.

I’ve lodged a bug report but from my experience this doesn’t mean much, despite the fact that we are paying customers. Maybe if everyone experiencing the problem does the same it’ll gain some traction.

edit: I just generated another log with the last thing in it being a failure. It happened when I tried to advance track from Tea for the Tillerman. I then did the “trick” of resetting the output device to get it working again. I can’t see anything obviously wrong in there.


Wish I didn’t do the last update, Tidal connect fkd somehow. I can usually switch between the native volumio app and tidal, but sitting in silence again.

Hopefully there is a fix

I just updated to 3.631 and the problem still occurs. Here’s a new log:


Updated to 3.632 and problem still occurs. It now seems to occur after just one or two advances to the next track, rendering Tidal Connect essentially unusable. New log: