Spotify connect streaming Hi-Fi?!?

Hi all

I’ve recently installed Volumio on an Rpi 3B with Allo DigiOne connected to a Rotel DAC and went on playing spotify via Volumio (I did not have the paid version at the time). It all worked fine, pretty happy.
Then went to Virtuoso version to test both Spotify and Tidal connect. The main reason I want Connect is that I can still use my phone app and it looks like the app’s algorithm still keeps working on recommendations and mixes and suggestions, which I really enjoy - unless anyone can confirm that when playing directly via the Volumio interface Spotify and Tidal still track my playing?!!

Anyway, I went a bit off topic…
I turned Spotify Connect on and tranferres the playing from my app to Volumio, it all went seamsless. However, to mu surprise, when I opened Volumio’s interface to check the playback I saw the Spotify logo and 44.1Khz/16bit playing!!!
Is this a silent release of Spotify hifi in Australia?!
When playing from the Volumio app Spotify is still 320KBPs

Anyone noticed the same?

You don’t need a myVolumio subscrition for Spotify Connect, it’s a community plug-in and is available in the free tier…

You aren’t alone here – there is quire some confusion that is caused by the Spotify plugin showing the bitrate in the sample rate field…

You don’t need a fake myVolumio for Spotify Connect, it’s a community plug-in and available in <spam link removed>

You will still need atleast a free myVolumio account for the plugin in Volumio 3.
At least in the current beta stage. I do hope they reconsider that requirement.

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