Project with PeppyMeter/PeppySpectrum Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO

@dewen , @dc2geeks
Currently, to move a 1920x515 skin up (to the top edge), you need to place the entire graphic on a blank 1920x1080 template (e.g. in Photoshop)

Hi @Gelo5
Thank you for your suggestion.
If I modify peppymeter’s /data/plugins/user_interface/peppy_screensaver/screensaver/peppymeter/config.txt
screen.width = 1920. <— default is empty
screen.height = 1080
Then screensaver will be at the top screen, but it will mask the lower half “now playing” area to black.

If I put the 1920x515 graph on 1920x1080 template as you said, will it show lower half now playing screen ( not mask it ) ?

The following is using @2aCD contemporary_advanced plugin with 1920x480, I shrink the upper area font, disable album art, only bar and title.

If there is a parameter can set the vertical Y position instead of default center it, it will be great! I remember saw a post about “special version” that put screensaver not in the center, but cannot find the post again…

No, no. you have to “modify” all graphics: bgr with empty space, fgr with empty space, screen must be removed (jpg has no transparency) or change to png with empty.
I have not tested such a solution. I don’t need it (1.1 MB)
The entire bottom is covered

in older versions of Peppymeter, justification was done to the upper left corner. Now it’s in the middle (@peppy.player probably changed it)

this was about spectrum, not meters

Just a thought…. Perhaps it’s just me being lazy, but having so many different screens and having to choose which ones to use, I’ve been putting off sorting through them. Life would be a lot easier if there was a button to temporarily show the screen filename somewhere on the display so that a user could make a note of which ones to discard and which ones to put into the wanted list.

Hi @Gelo5
Thank you for the, I test it but it still “mask” the lower half of the screen to dark, maybe I need to modify the screen ( DF202114P.png ) to transparency, or it is already done transparency ? anyway, it seems beyond my knowledge and I will give it up :sweat_smile:
Maybe someday I will learn more and “transfer” some 1920x515 to 1920x1080 as you taught. Thank you !

let’s wait for the opinion @peppy.player or @2aCD
maybe there is some way to align it up or down.

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So haven’t followed this post for 10 days… and the world has changed!!!

Just installed V2.2.0 and try to run one of my templates designed for a very small screen.
For some strange reason I have an offset on the top and right side, which was previously working.
Did I miss something?



meter.type = circular
channels = 2
ui.refresh.period = 0.033
bgr.filename = round-stereo-bgr.png
fgr.filename = round-stereo-fgr.png
indicator.filename = round-stereo-needle.png = 2
start.angle = 40
stop.angle = -40
distance = 65
left.origin.x = 160
left.origin.y = 229
right.origin.x = 476
right.origin.y = 229
meter.x = 1
meter.y = 0
screen.bgr =

Solved by modifying :

screen.width = 640
screen.height = 480

The new socketIO caused a lot of confusion :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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yeah, not sure why I have to manually add the screensize to the config.txt
But if people complain, you have the solution.
But for the rest all is working fine.

( is not new but a newer version, better response times)

Hi @Wheaten,

with the new version 2.2.1 of PeppyMeter-Plugin you can set a position of the meter screen (only for RPi)



This options are for a screen with higher resolution as meter screen resolution.

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That will make it a lot easier.
Will run tests when available.

With each update, Peppymeter becomes the perfect plugin. SUPER!

ps. @dewen will have fun

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Hi together,
I have update PeppyScreensaver to 2.2.1
You can download it:

here on Post 7

Have fun and happy meter


A wonderful version of Peppymeter!! Keep it up!

Thanks again Falk. Just installed on my set and so far so good.

RPi5-8GB boot from 1TB Samsung 980 NVMe
Dac: Topping D90mqa USB

Volumio v3.703 (beta)
Touch Display v3.4.0
PeppyMeter Screensaver v2.2.1 with Gelo5’s skins (Spectrums+Meters)

Thanks Falk.

Just tested the new version (V2.2.1) and the personal customization for locating the meters and adding the metersize as folder name is marvelous.
Now I can simply add the meters as overlay to the manifest or Now Playing UI
Now Playing:

Manifest UI:

One question left. Is there a way to add below to the meters.txt?

Just a small test for PeppyMeter/Spectrum Ver 2.2.1 skin position.

Meter : Custom-8 1920x480 : Dash2-Spectrum
Meter Position : X = 0, Y = 600
( set meter skin in the lower helf of 1920x1080 screen )

Now Playing plugin :
set background : choose Volumio Background myvinyl.jpg
adjust the overlay Opacity to match the meter skin background.

The Meter and Now Playing use the same “Vinyl” as background, so it can match together. If you want “screen protection over-burn”, you may need to set the background to black.

When using the peppymeter, I found that many songs only swing in a small range, rarely exceeding 90 degrees. Can the swing amplitude of the pointer be adjusted? How should it be adjusted? In addition, can the time display be displayed as increments? How should it be adjusted? Thank you!

In peppy meter settings adjust the smooth needle value.

But here you can only adjust the sensitivity, not the pointer swing amplitude。