[PLUGIN] YouTube for Volumio

Youtube for Volumio[size=50]BETA[/size] is now available for testing!
You can find it in your Plugin Manager, under Music Services.

Keep in mind this is an early beta version, there will be bugs!
If you want to try it, please do, but be kind enough to let us know about bugs, should you find any!
For that, and any other type of communication you can reply to this thread.

That said, sla89 and I are glad to bring you this long awaited plugin, and we hope you all enjoy!!!
Screenshot from 2017-05-09 00-01-33.jpg

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Kudos to Pintea and Sla89, this plugin is just brilliant!

And before everyone starts yelling that this is not Audiophile: you find lots of great live concerts on YT… :smiley:

Just installed - very good - thank you!
No probs at installation, till now it works great.
Question: how to search for something? UI search brings up results from everywhere, finally results from YouTube too. No posibility to search YouTube only? (general problem of Volumio)
Sometimes little problem with showing time on UI (not running, starting again with 0:00, stops when UI closed).
Would be perfect to show YouTube logo below time instead of text “YouTube”.

But: Very good work :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :smiley:

wow! this is great. i’ve been thinking to make a feature request for this and now its already here. Great! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
i’m going to test it

Hi qrumba!
Very many thanks! I’m glad to know you are enjoying it!

I don’t think Volumio allows that as of right now, but I will talk to Michelangelo and maybe we can get it changed!

Thanks for telling me! I’ll look into that today.

I’m not sure whether that’s possible to do for a plugin or it’s hardcoded into the volumio logic, but I’m sure we can get it working! I’ll look into that today as well!

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep posting updates down here!


Hi spaceinvader! Thank you!

Let us know what you think after you try it!


I am happy to hear that you like it. :slight_smile:

Any feature wishes are welcome!

Hi !

Thanks for this plugin, that works fine here.
Only problem, is that the audio volume is quite different from Spotify for example. Queuing musics from Spotify and Youtube is quite hard due to volume change between sources.

In my case, same song (same volume on my PC), I have to put volume to 80% for youtube videos and 30% for Spotify song.

Thank you again.


Hi Léo!

Great to know you like it!

I’ll look into the volume problem, and keep you updated.


First of all thank you for this cool plugin. And +1 to improve the UI search in volumio. It would be great to set somehow that I want to search only in youtube/spotify/own libary or in all.

Hello everyone!

I’m loving the feedback so far!

We are working on a variety of new functionality and bugfixes, here are the ones that will probably come with the next few updates:


  • Sync with your google account to see personalized recommended videos from Youtube, and your playlists on Youtube
  • Youtube channels in search results, and ability to navigate them!
  • Share from Youtube app on your phone to the Volumio app to add video to the queue
  • Shorter delay and smoother transition between tracks
  • Search for music only


  • Problems with track timer
  • Toast messages displaying at the wrong time


  • Search in specific plugin rather that all (This is a feature for the Volumio API and not the plugin, but we’re working on it)

Feel free to suggest new features and/or report bugs you find!

Regarding Léo’s issue, I haven’t been able to replicate the problem you reported, so I am thinking that it might be an issue of the particular videos your were listening to. Could you try with another track and let me know? Thank you!

This said, sla89 and I would like to hear your suggestions on what to develop next, once the Youtube plugin is completed.


It’s not installing for me, gets to 70% where it mentions installing dependencies, then the progress bar falls back to zero. I checked the tmp folder and the “downloaded_plugin” is there. Any ideas what’s going wrong, and how I can complete the install?

Hi Ryarg, i will look into that ad soon as I get home.
Are other plugins installing fine?
Can you save the downloaded_plugin folder fol later reference?
Can you connect to the device via ssh? If so can I have a log of “sudo journalctl -f” for reference?

Thank you,


Hi Cris,

I can connect via ssh using Terminal and Cyberduck and I have saved the “downloaded_plugin.zip” file. I haven’t tried to install any other plugins.

This info is shown during the install process:-
Downloading plugin at volumio.github.io/volumio-plugin … outube.zip
END DOWNLOAD: volumio.github.io/volumio-plugin … outube.zip
Creating folder on disk
Unpacking plugin
Checking for duplicate plugin
Copying Plugin into location
Installing dependencies
The following error occurred when installing the plugin: Error

“sudo journalctl -f” - provided this info:-
May 20 11:10:19 volumio volumio[929]: info: Scanning category user_interface
May 20 11:10:19 volumio volumio[929]: info: Scanning into folder /data/plugins/
May 20 11:10:19 volumio volumio[929]: info: Scanning category music_service
May 20 11:10:19 volumio volumio[929]: info: Plugin youtube found in folder but missing in configuration. Removing folder.
May 20 11:10:36 volumio volumio[929]: info: Plugin folders cleanup completed
May 20 11:10:36 volumio volumio[929]: info: Error: Error
May 20 11:10:36 volumio volumio[929]: info: Folder /tmp/downloaded_plugin removed
May 20 11:10:36 volumio volumio[929]: info: Folder /tmp/downloaded_plugin.zip removed
May 20 11:11:31 volumio sudo[1186]: volumio : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/home/volumio ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/journalctl -f
May 20 11:11:31 volumio sudo[1186]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user root by volumio(uid=0)


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Hi Garry,

It seems to me from the log that the plugin might already be installed. Can you make sure that it isn’t listed in the “installed plugins” page?

If it is then you’re ready to go, you just need to make sure that it is enabled!

If it is not, then can you give me the following:

  • contents of the plugin.json file (/data/plugins/plugins.json)
  • output of the “ls” command, in the /data/plugins/music_service/ folder

Sorry for inconvenience, the volumio plugin engine is still a little bit rough around the edges. Solving your problem will help us improve it, and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Cris,

The Youtube plugin is not listed under installed plugins. I found the file and folder you asked about, but they where in different locations, and the plugins folder is empty.

volumio@volumio:/data/configuration/music_service$ ls
mpd upnp_browser webradio

volumio@volumio:/data/configuration$ ls
audio_interface music_service plugins.json
miscellanea netconfigured system_controller

volumio@volumio:/data$ ls
INTERNAL backgrounds favourites playlist queue
albumart configuration laststates.json plugins


Thanks for the beautiful work I love it :smiley:

only one point the installation was hanging at 70% and after a reboot I could just turn it on and worked fine.

Fantastic work! A great addition to Volumio!

Thanks a lot guys!! We love it to know you enjoy our work!
I am wondering, would anyone be interested in a SoundCloud plugin?

Hi Garry,
Have you tried rebooting?

If it doesn’t work for you, would you like to move to a more convenient platform? Like Skype or teamviewer, so that I can help you troubleshoot!


Hi Cris,

After performing a factory reset the Youtube plugin installed successfully and works very well, the install problem could have something to do with the Volumio 2.175 update, as I applied that after installing the plugin this time.

I have noticed that when searching for web radio stations with the plugin enabled no links show in the results, if I turn the Youtube plugin off the search results will show radio links.

A Soundcloud plugin is a very good idea.

Not sure if a plugin could be made for this site as it does have a lot of audio content - https://archive.org/details/audio