How to create youtube client ID


i am noob, very noob, to the extreme.

i managed to install the plugin in my volumio, manage to create the api, but when it comes to client ID i am stuck, is there any updated version of how to create that i am following this

but it asked me for verification, what verification?

please help i cried enough already

@alamoudi.moh where did you got that verification @google or in the plugin?
what version of yt plugin are u using? did you all needed to get it working?


Creating the apu was fine, them when i came to create the client id, first it asked for internal or external, then whe i filled the data it said verification and could take up to 6 weeks as i am sharing sensetive data

Here is the version i used

if you got all … Api key…Client ID …Client Secret … we could go on…
after that it should be fine but there are more steps to take to get it running.
if you have some time we can walk true it all and see what’s going on…

I am unable to move past getting the api, can’t get the client id

please help me get the client ID

Set usage as internal. No verification needed

plugin is broken …