[PLUGIN] YouTube for Volumio

Hello cris youtube works fine now and I’m very interested in a soundcloud plugin.



Youtube plugin works great, after install and reboot just needed to go to plugins page and set to enabled. A SoundCloud plugin would be awesome. Keep up the great work!

Awesome!!! Glad to hear you like it!!!
We’ll keep making stuff if we get so much love!!

That’s true :slight_smile:
So much positive feedback is a great motivator. :slight_smile:

Hi YouTube developers,
First of all, thanks for the plugin, it’s working quite nicely :slight_smile:

Just one point that’s happening on my system, when I search a youtube song via the search engine, then I want to add the youtube song to a playlist via the “3 dots” button on the right of the song title, it allows me to choose a playlist and it says it saves it but in fact, when I have a look at the playlist, there’s nothing to be found.

workaround: To be able to add youtube songs to a playlist, first add the; to queue via the same “3 dots” button on the right of the song. Then, when all songs have been added, go to the queue list and save it under a playlist name. This will create (or overwrite the existing) playlist.

Is it a bug or something on my system ?
I stated from a clean volumio install today.
Thanks for your feedback,

Hi sanka,
Thank you! We are glad you are enjoying it!

It is a problem of the plugin and not of your system. I will look into that today and we’ll have an update fixing that as soon as possible!


Youtube plug-in installed fine, and can search for and play single Youtube tracks. (Hooray, and Thanks)
However, even though I can add tracks to the Queue from within the Youtube search results, the queue doesn’t play fully and I often have to manually start many of the tracks within the queue.
Some tracks get skipped out.
Some tracks also finish prematurely.
The Forward and Back track buttons also behave erratically.
And there is a long lag between clicking on the Volumio interface and Volumio responding (5-10 seconds or more)
And the PlayTimer seems to be having trouble knowing where it is in the track.

Is there anything I can do to provide more details to help you debug these errors?

Thanks in advance. And thanks for this really useful plug-in,


Hi Nibbos,

Thank you for the post first of all.
The first thing I’d like you to tell me is what your internet connection bandwidth is.

I am very aware of most of the problems you have talked about, however they only occur very occasionally to me. So what I am thinking is maybe frequency is inversely proportional to connection speed. That would be interesting.


I have a 100Mbps package, which seems to achieve about 50Mbps throughout the day.
Regular internet use is fine, as is streaming vidoe content, Youtube etc.
Volumio works fine on my NAS music storage, just seems a little laggy/buggy when dealing with Youtube.
Thanks again.


when i start the youtube plugin in volumio i see only a error message:
“An error occurred while browsing the folder”

Do you have an idea?


Can you show me the logs?

To see the logs connect to your volumio device via ssh and execute

sudo journalctl -f

Then perform the action that causes the error and copy everything from the console. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.


Hi Nibbos,

Thank you and sorry for the radio silence.
We’ll be looking into that soon.

Public service announcement:
An update to this plugin is long overdue, we know.
We are filling our free time best we can to solve all the little bugs and problems and give you the best ever experience. Thank you all for the patience!


I try :slight_smile:

how can i connect via ssh ?
i use win7.

thank you

  1. Download PuTTy: putty.org/
  2. Enter the IP address of your device and make sure port is set to 22
  3. You will see a command line requesting user name. Enter user : volumio and password : volumio
  4. Enter sudo journalctl -f

That’s it :slight_smile:

Thank you.

when i try to login putty shows me a fatal error!

what is wrong ?

thx for your help!

I noticed that currently the plugin (or Volumio itself) is not playing Youtube playlists, only individual videos.

Steps to reproduce in the Volumio Web UI:

  1. Go to Browse/Youtube
  2. Suppose you have a Youtube playlist that you would like to play through Volumio. Get its URL (e.g. youtube.com/playlist?list=P … deTBhsHmk6) and paste it in the search field.
  3. Assert that actually the playlist is found and its title and user who created it is listed below.
    But if you click on it, nothing happens, it won’t start playing the songs in the list.

So it would be nice if Volumio + Youtube plugin could handle this use case. Even better, it would be nice to be able to save a youtube playlist (under Playlists perhaps?) for later use anytime. And when you select it, to list all the individual songs in it, so you will see what will be played, what’s in that youtube playlist. And also be able to shuffle their order, so that you don’t have to play the list always in the same order.

Thank you.

That is strange. I need a few more information about your setup: which device are you using and which version of volumio? All I have found so far about your problem can be found here: server-unexpectedly-closed-network-connection-t6356.html

I will check this today in the evening. We didnt had this use case in our minds when we have developed the plugin. Further I have added storing playlists and shuffeling tbem to the feature list.

Hi Cristian,

I see some issues with the Youtube playlists.

I search for a playlist, it finds it, OK. My goal is to start playing that playlist, song by song, either in its original order or random order (shuffle).

Then I click on that playlist, it lists the songs in that playlist. I click on one of the songs, let’s say the first, but it only seems to play that song, it does not go on with playing the next one. Can you verify this on your end?

Or, I click Actions/Play. I would expect Volumio to start playing the playlist. But nothing happens.

Or, I click Actions/Add to Playlists. It adds it and then i go to Playlists and click on my added playlist. Nothing happens.

Can you reproduce these problems or do you need more info?

Best regards,

I was not able to reproduce this. But I can add some extra code that handles youtube URLs when they were passed to volumio search field.

Thanks sla89 for trying to reproduce. Did you try to reproduce with my playlist which I have provided the link for?

I did some further testing, and it seems like clicking Ations/Play or Actions/Clear and Play actually starts the playback of the playlist…if you wait for some time. But there is no indication of this on the UI. The user is easily mislead that nothing is happening, there is no “Wait until we start the playlist…” message or something. It’s kind of confusing.

Moving on, after the playlist started playing, I can actually switch to Queue and I see there the songs in the list, and there I can choose to Shuffle it.

BUT, what I experience is that the songs play just fine for a while, but every once in a while, some random song just stops in the middle and the playback does not go on, I have to click play again, and then the system is starting a new song, it plays some more songs, and after a while, the same happens again.

Please try to test and reproduce with a real life playlist (it contains about 178 songs), like mine. Here is again the link to it, it’s public, you should be able to use it: youtube.com/playlist?list=P … deTBhsHmk6

I just can’t believe I’m the only one who experiences problems (or tests) with the playback of Youtube playlists. Could you please do some more thorough testing around them? Just imagine that it is your playlist that you would like to listen to from start to end, give it ample time to listen, to test.

Cristian, some feedback and testing from you (as the main developer) would also be welcome. (If you can confirm my findings and also point to the root cause and give some directions regarding it, I would be more than happy to contribute with fixing the problem, if you’d like)

Thank you and i look forward to your further inputs regarding this matter.

Best regards,