[PLUGIN] MPD OLED - installation & configuration plugin

sorry, only now saw that your statement was related to my post…

thanks for the explanation. I think the plugin is excellent, even if it has small quirks. I can handle it very well and I find it to be a nice addition to my player.


It’s possible. I’ve never go it to work on my system for some reason. :weary: Also, the ALSA config hasn’t changed.


The plugin is just a little wrapper around mpd_oled that installs it and runs it as a service. I always recommend using mpd_oled in non-plugin mode if there any problems.

= try using screen on an arduino, esp8266, whatever, etc
= enable all I2C ports
= try different display in the plugin’s configuration screen
= try using mpd_oled without the plugin (just google mpd_oled).
= try a different OLED

I have approximately the same OLED.
mine doesn’t work on 3.3v but does work on 5v. maybe that’s it.

It’s worth giving it a shot. Typically, OLED displays come equipped with a 3.3-volt regulator, which you can spot on the rear of the screen; it’s identifiable by its three legs.

I tried it with a new volumio image and then at 3.3v in my case the OLED is not found with an i2c scan and it is found at 5v

and Duncan his Oled has a voltage regulator.
That makes sense to supply it with 5V. At 3.3 volts this will not be able to work on an RPI due to the volt drop on the regulator.

There is a step-up converter on my Oled that increases the voltage, so it can handle 3.3 V.

Ive tried @5v but ine i2c doesn’t find it. In 3v it finds it on bus 1 but unfortunately bus 0 is being selected very strangely, but its disabled. Finding the experience very weird… i will be trying on moode audio and will revert

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Can i use this Display and will it work out of the box?

Thats a nice huge Display. Can you please share a link to your oled?

This display won’t work.

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Have a look at some of these. The display you want is 2.4 inches, SPI/I2C, 128x64 pixels. You might have to remove a resistor to change from SPI to I2C on the back of the screen.

Ebay link

Ebay link

Stick with with 3v. Your device is being correctly found and it’s on the correct i2c bus (/dev/i2c-1).

yes second the 3.3V part. Even though the majority of OLED screen have a voltage regulator on board for 5V, from all 8 I have here, none work correct on 5V. All starts to blink.

Hello Duncan,

Of course…

DollaTek 2.42" 128X64 OLED Display Module IIC I2C - Serial Peripheral for UNO R3 - Blue Font

Why that ?

We already sorted that out…

And it still works


I have the same screen and it works fine :smiling_face:

boooh…sorry supercrap…

I mixed something up…

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But you have to be aware that this Oled doesn’t work out of the box.
Small soldering work is necessary on the back of the screen so that it can pass as SPI.