[PLUGIN] IR Remote Controller feedback thread

Via software it’s possible, you just need to add your own logic to the script.

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Thank you

Can you write this again as CODE,
and name your source of supply

I should put on my glasses, sorry
Thank you

One more question, which IR remote controller can you recommend?

Hard to advice, as it all depends on your needs. And IMHO lirc ain’t the most stable part of linux. I have some test RC laying arround to support questions, but I run my devices using a BT remote.

My requirements for this are rather low.
So fast forward, rewind, play and stop and maybe display dimming

These are the remotes that work without problems in Volumio.
Since the topic shifted from LCD to IR I will move it to the correct topic.

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Hi gvolt,

sorry again for my late replay and thank you for your great help! With your file I don’t get an error any more, when I switch to the Apple Remote. But still the Apple Remote does not work.

Could be that the SD card is failing just where /data/plugins/system_hardware/ir_controller/configurations/Apple Remote A1294/ is located. Did you try a fresh Volumio installation on another SD card?

Did you already try the “Apple Remote A1294 Alternative” profile?

If that does not work, too, please execute

sudo cat /dev/input/event*

then press some buttons on the remote control and watch the console for some (weird) signs.

I want to set up a remote control for my system. Do i just need something like this?

What does volumio use for the IR receiver part? is that part of the RPI4? txs

I use this Odroid remote, which is supported by the plugin.

The Pi does not include an IR receeiver, you need to add that. See further up this thread for what to get and how to connect this to the Pi’s GPIO pins. It’s easier that that sounds!

@jocoman you need something like this.

and for example the Remote which @SimonE suggests

okay txs everyone.

I just read thru this long thread and I got to say a bluetooth remote like a g20bts is a very nice easy solution when coupled with triggerhappy software. I have this working perfectly on one system. Unfortunately Bluetooth pairing on Volumio seems to be flaky. I bought a second remote for another system and cannot get it to pair consistenetly. I got it to pair once but not repeateable. I really think bluetooth is the way to go. Want to trun up the music from upstairs?

Dear Gvolt,

is there a way to use the remote I have with the audiophonics mini kit


Is it this remote control?

Yes that is the remote


Do you intend to use the remote with the Audiophonics mini kit or with another system without the mini kit’s specialties?

Without the minikit software but use the pcb with
The installed volumio

You may download the .zip file from this post and extract it. Then connect to Volumios Samba share “Internal Storage” and copy the extracted folder “Audiophonics RaspDAC Mini” into the share’s subfolder “ir_controller/configurations”. When you now head to the IR Controller plugin’s config page you should find the new entry “Audiophonics RaspDAC Mini” in the drop down list of available remotes.

Audiophonics RaspDAC Mini.zip (1,3 KB)