New 2023 Spotify Plugin

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I have been using the old 3.x plugin for a while now and although I had come up with some workarounds for it’s quirks, this new total rewrite works just as I’d hoped it would. I haven’t run into any problems with it so far.

Kudos to @volumio and the development team: @ashthespy, @balbuze & @skikirkwood


RBPi 3+
System: 3.546
DAC: HiFiBerry DAC Plus
Mixer Type: Hardware

Edited to include Kudos to @volumio

Glad if everything is fine for you!
But something needs to be updated… Credits! All for @volumio and team.
Thanks to them;-):smile:

So true! Thanks for reminding me. I have just edited it.

By pressing the “skip-back-button” either in the Spotify-App or in the Spotify-plugin in Volumio, the track is played backwards at high speed. Furthermoore if I click on one track, the whole album/playlist is added to the queue and can’t be removed.


Version of Volumio: 3.512
Model: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5
Spotify-plugin: 4.0.1

Please upgrade to the latest stable version: V3.546 and test again.
If this still happens, disable the plugins and test again.

  • PeppyMeter Screensaver
  • YouTube Music
  • GPIO Buttons

This has been tested very well and this behavior hasn’t been reported by any of the testers.

The plugin seems to work excellently.
I only find one significant interface drawback: important metadata such as the release year and the nature of the work (album or single) are not displayed in the list of an artist’s production (as it happens in the Spotify app). Is it possible to add this feature?



I had nothing to do with this version :slight_smile:
All credit goes to Volumio + devgianlu/go-librespot

plugin doesn’t seem to consistantly respect the ‘max volume’ settings in volumio playback settings.

eg, using spotify connect, play one track - at volume in spotify=50%, max volume setting=50% should mean volume is about 25% of max. this works, but when it ticks over to the next track it seems to ignore the max volume setting and blast you at 50%.

if you then click the volume slider in spotify (don’t need to move it), it seems to recalculate the volume and now respects the ‘max volume’ setting.

if you turn off the ‘max volume’ setting in playback options (ie, set to 100%), the volume acts as you would expect, but since i never really want to go above 50% volume it would be better if it respected the setting (consistently).

(note the earlier parts of this log are using the old spotify plugin, only the last hour or so are relevant)

EDIT: not sure if it’s related, but the line in the log:

Oct 29 10:43:59 speakers-lounge volumio[823]: SPOTIFY: received: {"type":"volume","data":{"value":29,"max":100}}
Oct 29 10:43:59 speakers-lounge volumio[823]: SPOTIFY: RECEIVED SPOTIFY VOLUME 30
Oct 29 10:43:59 speakers-lounge volumio[823]: SPOTIFY: RECEIVED VOLUMIO VOLUME 30

Max volume seems to be 100 here, when it’s 50 in my volumio playback settings? Perhaps it’s not retrieving this correctly?

File spotifyDaemonVolumeMap.json in new Spotify plugin is missing values (no equivalents for 19, 39, 59, 79 and 99).

Is there some particular reason to left those values out or is it a bug?

In normal use this does not cause any issues but for example when using external volume control it gets NaN values for those missing map points.

UPDATE: this is now fixed by removing the usage of file.

hi @volumio

more MRs:

I only find one significant interface drawback: important metadata such as the release year and the nature of the work (album or single) are not displayed

Fully agree that year is crucial part of music and album identification (along with name and albumart) and it should be displayed in a modern music player.

Officially it seems never to be implemented - Add "year" in player state

For myself I reimplemented albums and tracks pages for better UX, added year into state to be able to display it in any player’s UIs:

To be honest still wandering why authors against of the displaying year.

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Absolutely agree. Personally, I’m very curious about music and discovering new artists. When I visit an artist’s profile, it’s essential, in my opinion, to have a breakdown of their releases by the year of publication and by the type of work (whether it’s a single or an album). It’s no coincidence that all streaming platforms provide this information.

shuffle seems broken.

  1. connect to volumio speaker via spotify connect
  2. go to an album/playlist page within app (iOS here but don’t suppose it matters)
  3. toggle shuffle icon on
  4. play
  5. tracks will play in normal order, not shuffled.

repeat the same not connected to volumio, and it shuffles properly. how odd!

EDIT: presumably this fixes: feat(spotify): add support for setting shuffle and repeat (via connect) by phts · Pull Request #264 · volumio/volumio-plugins-sources · GitHub

More good news: found today that device select within Spotify Windows Client does work w/ the new Plugin. Thanks!

Hi there

The new plugin seems to work really well, and I am not seeing the issues that I was previously.

However, I have noticed that when I browse the list of my Spotify Playlist in Volumio it is shorter then when I look browse it directly in Spotify, i.e., via the website.

Not sure why, and there does not seem to be any pattern to what is ‘missing’ under Volumio, i.e., it is NOT either the first or the last entries…just seems to be random.

Not sure what logs would help in relation to this, or would screen shots of each of the browse list be of any help?

Cheers, TheCharbits

Thanks…but I have less that 50 favourites in my Spotify list but I am still not seeing the whole list in Volumio…so am wondering whether there is something else going on here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Currently it is set as 20 items in the app, as I remember

First of all, thanks for all your feedbacks and support. Thanks especially to those of you who subscribed to Volumio Premium, this means a lot to us and allows us to keep on improving.

Then, good news. New version out: 4.0.2

What has been fixed\improved

  • Better bidirectional Volume control
  • Fixed the limit of 50 items (thanks @phts)
  • Added followed artists page
  • Fixed shuffle and repeat on connect mode (thanks @phts)
  • Fixed support of podcasts

What next

  • Get gapless playback working (by using prefetch)

What won’t be fixed

  • Switching from connect mode to brosing mode (for example: New 2023 Spotify Plugin - #10 by SimonE)
    Reason is that this is really a major endeavour
  • Signalling the maximum volume level in Spotify clients, as it’s not possible. In any case the max volume setting is respected, and this is the important bit

A huge thank you to devgianlu and phts which did a major contribution here!