Add basic metadata when browsing artist profile page

I apologize if I write this again (New 2023 Spotify Plugin), but is it possible that no one else but me (and @phts , who wrote messages related to this after me in the linked topic) needs to view these metadata in the Spotify plugin?

I find navigation through the Volumio interface truly distracting without references such as the record type (whether it’s an album or EP) and the year. If you don’t know the artist and are entering their profile for the first time, the list with identical items provides no help or distinction.

Look at the example below in comparison with Spotify; for me, it’s essential that certain data be displayed, and I don’t believe this requires a significant development effort, at least for the release year of the record (but correct me if I’m wrong).



I love the work you are doing to make Volumio better and better, this is just a suggestion to reach an even further level of improvement :slight_smile: