Add "year" in player state

Currently there is no “year” in player state so as I understand it cannot be rendered by plugins, e.g. “Playing now” or “PeppyMeter”

Please provide “year” into state object.

is there year in tidal? so far as i see not.

Well, tidal displays year on “albums” pages.

but anyways, year is missing also for any mp3 file (year is presented in mp3 tags)

that is your nas info not tidal but we can see if volumio wants to add it.
and what’s playing is on song level and not on album level.

Please add it as feature request:

Sorry, I didn’t get it.

This topic already created in “Suggest a feature” section

correct, my bad

And btw tidal also displays year

Sorry, won’t happen. This is not a crucial info that we want to display on playback page.

Asking only to add it into state object

you got your answer …

What a rude community here…

Would expect more respect as a paid customer.

Thinking of resigning my subscription…

As well after trying to fix/implement new stuff in backend in my fork - it such a nightmare, so unstable buggy code, with legacy libs (e.g. for promises).

I believe this is a reason why new functionality comes so slowly - just nobody wants to touch this code…

no it’s not rude they got to mutch work and a few guys who has to do this all.
they have to decline things to manage it all the pile is all ready way to big to manage and every day,
people keep on asking new things and he said sorry for it.

Sorry you felt it like we are rude, that was not intended.

But you can understand that we have to prioritize stuff, so if something is not felt as crucial (like only one person asking) then we are not focusing on that.
Seems like you already did a fork, so if you can make it happen and send a PR we will be happy to review it

Actually initial request was about “player state” allowing plug-ins to use it, but “volumio” user answered about “display on playback page” so I still haven’t “got my answer” treating your exact answer as irrelevant and rude (but not that fact it won’t be implemented) :wink:

If we want to add someting to state if because we want to show it, otherwise we are just propagating useless data which add payload size to everything that consumes state.

your opinion is valued it was never intended by me to treat anyone like this.