My volumio project


here is my volumio project:

As DAC i use the Audiophonics DAC Sabre ES9023 I2S. The 5V DC are from a toroidal transformer 2x 7V 10VA. As rectifier i took ultrafast Diode BYV 28-200. The regulator module is an Audiowind A-270 based on LINEAR LT1764.

The Case is the new Inter-Tech Mini ITX Q-6.




LG Gerry


and inside:





Very very nice…if only i could build my own PS…

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what psu spec is ?

Power Supply 5,0V, max. 1,4A, Output Noise < 40uV RMS (10Hz to 100kHz) - is this what you mean?

almost :slight_smile:

I know it is simple schematics, but could you please share it ? If you have

On the strip grid board there is a simple bridge rectifier with an Electrolytic capacitor 35V/3.300uF.

The A-270 is like this schematic:


Thank you

What is the switch in use?
Is it from this source - … own-switch

If you could share a step by step build of your project, it would benefit a lot of us :slight_smile:


The main-switch is a simple toggle switch on the rear side which cuts the 230V AC. (I don’t like any Standby power consumption)
The Switch of the Case is not in use, only the LED is connected to the 3,3V of the GPIO Connector.

But this would be an nice feature.

I also thought about to supply the 5V to the Pi over the GPIO Connector. (So the regulator of the Pi is not in use.) But I heared that the “conductor track” from the GPIO is a little too thin.

Awesome :smiley:

its beautiful :laughing:

Hi Gerry
Could you please inform me about detail pin connection in GPIO / P5 to the DAC?
Which P5 pins are required to get it running?
Any DAC driver should be installed?


special drivers are not necessary. Volumio works “out of the box.”
Here is the wiring diagram:

LG Gerry

Hi Gerry
Great project. Can I build my own based on your project, basically copy your design?
Could you please post a diagram of the rectifier circuit?
Thank you for sharing.


yes, you can copy it if you want! :slight_smile:

The schematics of the rectifier is as simple like this: … ichter.png

D1 … D4: BYV 28-200
C: 3.300uF/35V

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Beautiful project. Question, where did you source your transformer, and what is the exact model C16 socket for the power cord? I am in Switzerland and having a hard time sourcing this stuff somewhat locally (for a reasonable price too).


Hi vostok4
I bought the transformer here: … RKPT+10207
(and also the other stuff like the BYV 28-200, the electrolytic capacitor, fuse and the dot matrix board…)

They also deliver to Switzerland

The C13/14 connector with filter was was already present, but I think it is easy to get it on eBay.

Can you pleas tell me the box size?
I’m thinking of making on for me. On this link , there are a lot of boxes similar to that.

For a power supply, i think, i ca go with these … wer-supply

Hi jpfelgueiras

you can find the data sheet to the case here: … 60&lang=en

The power-supply is a possible alternative but it follows an oher principe.