Incompatible HifiBerry?


Try to setup Raspberry Pi 4 with this HifiBerry DAC2 (whatever).
Is this a fake board or is this board incompatible with Volumio
System Version: 3.661 Released: Wed 24 Apr 2024 02:10:14 PM CEST
Any help and information is very appreciated.
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Try different DAC settings. Go thru all the different hifiberry dacs, maybe one will work. Also, you could ask the vendor what dac it emulates if it is not genuine.

Thanks jocoman - will try this and update the result.

Tried all HifiBerry configurations and even with different config.txt entries mentioned in the forum. without any success.

Try this set up.

I found this thread

Now I changed from Pi4 to a Pi3 and it’s working with the suggested configuration (beside some smaller audio issues).
But I will try your suggestion soon. Thank you very much.
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Edit: Just reconfigured back to Pi4 and the ST400 Dac setting but got the common error:

if it works on your RPi3 and it does not work on your RPi4, using the same configuration, I think your RPi4 has some HW problems on the I2C pins

this is of course possible. but in the mentioned thread (Pi4 and HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro - #9 by ChimpsInTies) and other posts I found about this, they have the exact same situation. Working on Pi3 but not on Pi4. All with problems on the I2C pins seems strange.

the post you mentioned are very old, most probably not relevant anymore.

the kernel and the driver used for that DAC are exactly the same on RPi3 and RPi4, so if it works on RPi3 the problem is most probably hardware-related, either the HW Rev of thet HAT is not compatible with RPi4, or the RPi4 has some problems on the I2C pins.

You can rule-out the second assumption trying with another RPi4

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it.
I don’t know if it has already been adjusted.

@michel8166 this is not relevant, because the DAC works on RPi3