[3.616] I2S DAC Master Mode No Longer Available with RPi3B/4B & Hifiberry DAC+ Pro


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.616
Hardware: RPi3B,4B
DAC: Hifiberry dac+ Pro

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Perform a clean install of Volumio 3.616 on my RPi3B or RPi4B
  2. Select and configure the "HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro" as the I2S DAC, and reboot.
  3. The DAC is operating in the undesirable I2S Slave Mode, not the I2S Master Mode. Even after reconfiguring the DAC Model, the result is the same.

Additional Information

Here is the last line of /boot/config.txt immediately after installing Volumio 3.616:

#### Volumio i2s setting below: do not alter ####

The “,slave” option above was not present in previous versions (3.5xx or before). This option seems to be a temporary workaround for the RPi5, which does not yet support I2S Master Mode. However, this should be irrelevant for the RPi3 and RPi4, which do support I2S Master Mode.

I am referring to the following discussion on GitHub regarding this issue:

It feels unfair that the stable operation of the RPi3 and RPi4 is being affected due to the development of the RPi5. I believe it would be desirable for the system to have optimal settings for each RPi model.
Could you please investigate whether my understanding is correct or if this is a bug?

Thank you for reading until the end.


For RPi5, this won’t be temporary, due to the new HW architecture all the I2S DACs must work in slave mode on that version.

However, we got your concern, we will restore the overlays without the “slave” parameters for the older models.

As a temporary solution, you can remove the dtoverlay string with the “slave” parameter from config.txt and add the same string without the “slave” parameter on userconfig.txt

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Hi, Darmur,

Thank you for your quickiy and excellent reply. I understand the situation with the RPi5.
I appreciate your consideration for my concerns and the older models (RPi3, RPi4). I am looking forward to the improved version!
I also understand the temporary solution. It will be the good solution for my techinical article customers until the improved version arrives.

I hope that your Volumio products will become even better! Thank you! :smiley:

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