I'm looking for the volume version 3396

Hello everyone, I am looking for the volume version 3396 for pi. Maybe someone else has it? Thanks alot michael

scroll down and you will find it, it seems to be a beta…

Thank you very much, but unfortunately I can’t find 3396 from December 4th, 2022 there either :confused:

What is the reason you look for this specific version?

Hi, the background is that I keep losing the cover images from my samba server on the current version. But I’m not 100% sure that it’s the version, I’m still testing :slight_smile: it could also be my dlan adapter. When I compared it to the old version, I noticed that it doesn’t disappear with 3396.

would it be possible that I could get the version?

i think that there is one version of the 3.396 there is no other version with that number.
but the beta switched to release version on 4th of dec 2022

I can take a save image and set it to factory settings, I would just like to have it installed cleanly

you can do a factory reset, and you have a clean V3.396

I wrote that above. But it is not 100% clean and then I may have other problems on the LAN.

Maybe the boss will be so kind and give me the image if he still has it

if you do a factory reset, it’s clean.

if you think

I think water is wet, but that’s not related to your question.

Volumio 3.396

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very big thank you!!

Unfortunately, it’s just as I thought. If I copy the image and then do the factory settings, it’s not 100% clean. Now the problem is that the devices are no longer displayed differently under multidevices. I checked the hostname and mac and they are both different. Maybe another idea? Thanks

Hi, here’s something that I don’t fully understand. I have Volumio installed on a Raspberry 4 with a 32GB card. The original 7-inch touch display is connected to the Raspberry. Now I have the following phenomenon. If I access the music collection via the network via the browser on the PC or via the Android app (samba), I see the cover images displayed there. But unfortunately not on the display on the device. This is the case for a short time after re-reading a folder, but then no longer. Does anyone have an idea what that could be?

weird… What is displayed instead?
What plugin is installed on your system?

Hi, I currently suspect that it might have something to do with the “classic” design appearance. I’m now testing the manifest standard design. It’s currently running. But as I said, it’s just a guess. After a few restarts I’ll know more :wink: Pluggin is only the touch display installed, nothing else. Thanks for your interest!