I am confused about this OS


as an audiophile who loves to listen to digital music sources i am trying to use volumio for several days now and although i have no problems with istalling and running linux i go nowhere with volumio. So i give it a shot here in the forum, maybe someone is kind enough to help me over this initial phase. Volumio looks very promising and i would love to use it.

What i want to do, is listen to the ripped cds on my harddrive in an audiophile (bitperfect) quality. I use a dragonfly red on a x220 thinkpad to do this.

I managed to download and transfer volumio on an usb-stick, to boot it and to play Radio over my headphones. BUT i can’t find any possibility to open files from my harddrive (which is internal hdd of this laptop).

Someone out there who can help. Any comment is appreciated.


Hi - can you see anything in the “Music Library” or is it just blank?

Hi, thanks for responding.

It says ‘no items’

To be clear, you are booting into Volumio on your laptop from a USB stick?


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If you’re booting Volumio from the USB stick, you need to mount the drive with the files

Could you be so kind to help me with this? Without a GUI i am pretty lost.

OK, this is not going to be a simple solution for you. Even though Volumio is running from a USB stick plugged into your laptop, it will not be aware of the laptop’s internal hard disk. You could try “mounting” the device from Volumio, which would necessitate working from the command line (have a read of Volumio PC and internal HDD).

Alternatively, you could try the Volumio x86 Buster beta (this originally scanned internal drives, but was suspended for technical reasons, and I’m unsure if it was reinstated).

Edit: it has just been confirmed in another thread (I am confused about this OS) that the Volumio 3 beta still doesn’t scan internal drives).

are you connected to the local network?

not at the moment Do i have to?

@chsimms1: i tried the linked soultion via terminal before but it didn’t work

if you can connect to volumio in terminal session, try

sudo fdisk -l

… can you see anything looking like the internal drive of your PC?

Yes i see it as sda5. But sorry my kid just woke up…could we continue this later? I have this feeling this would work out fine with your instruction…sorry to interrupt your much appreciated help!


hi rost, if you can help me with that i would really appreciate it.

hi jhscann, finally i’m back on the computer.

first you need to make a directory (call it “hdd” for e.g.)

mkdir /mnt/hdd

then try to mount the drive with this

mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/hdd

Then from volumio UI go to Music Library, see if it’s there… if not restart Volumio.

I hope that works for you :slight_smile:

Hi jhscann,

thank you for responding! Booting up at the moment…

okay, it is suggested to mount the volume with read-only ‘ro’-option because of the windows-partition on the drive. How do i apply the ‘ro’-bit?

mounted with: mount -r/dev/sda5 /mnt/hdd

still no items in the library even after rebooting…

If you read my post in the link that I posted back in message 8, you can see that after mounting the hdd (you did check that it had mounted ok didn’t you?) you need to let Volumio know that it is a directory containing audio so that it will scan it … this is the part about making an appropriate “symlink.”

Hey Heinrich - this is a really suboptimal experience you are having. I know this is not answering your question, but you would probably be happier if you got a Raspberry Pi (30-99 EUR depending on version) and run Volumio on that. You can output to the headphone out on that or even better, get a DAC (I have both HAT and external DACs). Put your songs on an external USB HDD (connected to Pi) or visible network drive / NAS. It’s a lot more plug and play. Nothing should get between you and the music :slight_smile:

I recommend the additional DAC because the onboard DAC (sound card) on a Pi (or your Thinkpad) is of low quality. Even if the files are good the electronics in a Pi or PC will compromise the sound.