Volumio PC and internal HDD

Hi ,
I just tried Volumio on my music PC (normally used as a CMP2 memory player with Esi Juli@ as I2S output only)

and it works . I have 1 big problem with it - it starts from USB and music library is only on USB’s or network . It (volumio) can’t see
internal sata hdd… :frowning: I know that it is rather strange - I want for my music library only on internal hdd not network or usb …
"sudo blkid " command shows /dev/sda1 properly but Volumio doesn’t use /show it in “Library” …
is it possible to use internal HDD or HDD’s as a music library ???

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Yes, mount it under /mnt/USB or /var/lib/mpd/music and do mpc update

Let me know

I have the same problem, could you show me the steps to take to mount a SATA hdd. I have successfully installed and booted up Volumio 2 on a PC by using a USB stick, but do not know how to mount the internal SATA hdd with my music library on it… Many thanks for your help in advance.

You might want to do some reading round this before you start, both on this forum and Google. To get you going, have a look here use-second-for-storing-music-t6939.html

(1) Identify the drive that you are wanting to use with ‘fdisk’ or ‘lsblk’. Make sure you get the correct one or you are going to get into problems.
(2) Make a suitable directory as a mount point eg. ‘mkdir /mnt/MyHdd.’
(3) Mount the hdd with ‘mount dev /mnt/MyHdd’, where ‘dev’ is the name of the drive you identified in (1) eg. ‘/dev/sdc2’.
(4) Make a symbolic link from you hdd for mpd to find your music ‘ln -s /mnt/MyHdd /var/lib/mpd/music/MyHdd’
(5) Update the mpd database ‘mpc update.’

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