[Guide] List of I2S DACs for Raspberry Pi

[b]I2S is definitely the way to go if you have a Raspberry Pi. No more stuttering, better sound quality (in theory) and free up a USB port!

There’s a growing collection of I2S DACs for the Raspberry Pi, here are ones I’ve found. If you know of one that I haven’t posted, just post the details on this thread

Attention! Listed DAC´s are (mostly) only compatible with the Raspberry Model B (not B+)

HifiBerry DAC - €35-45 including shipping:


HifiBerry Digi - €35-45 including shipping:
Not a DAC itself, but provides SPDIF/Toslink outputs for an external DAC


IQaudIO Pi-DAC - $41 including shipping:


WOLFSON AUDIO CARD £27 including delivery (in UK)


BerryNOS mini - $70 including shipping:

shop.g2labs.org/index.php?id_pro … er=product

BerryNOS 1543 - $105 including shipping

shop.g2labs.org/index.php?id_pro … er=product

RASPYPLAY3 - $44 plus shipping (In Serbian!)

saperel.com/RaspyPlay3%20HiF … berry%20Pi

Geekroo DAC Hi-Fi Picobber $40 including shipping


DAC PCM5102 I2S P5 32bit/384Khz Raspberry PI €40 incl shipping

Case here: http://www.audiophonics.fr/fr/boitiers-diy-boitiers-divers/audiophonics-boitier-diy-pour-raspberry-pi-et-dac-pcm5102–p-8928.html

Thanks IRoN!

TekDevice DACBERRY2 PCM5102 384K 32 BIT I2S DAC $50 including shipping


Here are some DAC boards that don’t fit on the Pi itself but are easily connected via patch cables:

HIFIMEDIY ES9023 I2S DAC ~ £15 including oscillator and shipping:

Available with and without oscillator (included one enables max 96kHz sample freq)

hifimediy.com/index.php?route=pr … uct_id=127

DIYINHK 24Bit/192KHz ES9023 DAC $24 including shipping (Needs a CRYSTEK957/7050/5032/3225 oscillator soldered to the board)


DIYINHK 384kHz/32Bit PCM5102A DAC $34 including shipping


Audiophonics DAC Sabre ES9023 €21 including shipping


AKOUO Reference Stereo DAC (SABRE ES 9018 DAC) €450 plus shipping


Just a thought, but if you use Google Chrome as your browser it will offer to translate the page for you.

Good idea, Twerp. Useful.

This should be added to the list of ‘can be made to work easily’ - diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/ … lator.html

Also, the ESS9023 based board you list from DIYINHK can be ordered from them with the new NDK oscillator soldered in place. Supposed to be better than the Crystek options.

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Thanks DerekR!

Dear all,

i ordered the HIFImeDIY DAC with NDK soldered. Comes perfectly.
I really dont know exaclty how to connect it to the new P5 PINS on the RASP. Can somebody post the wiring scheme probably?


This isn’t exactly the same, but should give you an idea of the connections:


I power my pi via GPIO pins 1 & 6. I also use a GPIO IR receiver. Are there any I2S DACs which can be used, while retaining access to GPIO pins? :confused:

this is a high end dac which uses the sabre ES9018: http://www.akouo.at/dac/dac.html
It has it’s own controller, hence does not use any GPIOs (only P5 for I2s access). Maybe you can add it to the list.

Thanks! Added.

You can add :
minidsp.com/products/minidsp … an-i2s-dac

Curryman DAC ES9023 with clock

You can add this one too


who seems to have a dedicated case soon :


Done. Thanks!

The Geekroo Picobber and the Audiophonics DAC PCM5102 look to be identical.

Well spotted!

In fact yes but we can see that the IR receiver is already solder and the GPIO connector can be re-used (for connecting a display or anything else).

A “Gpio” version of their ES9023 seems to be on track.

Digging their website i’ve aslo found this ":


the interresting part is at the end of the article :

“Last minute. An aluminum case and a remote control will be provided in the coming days with internal options based ona Raspeberry Pi solution to offer a complete, dematerialized solution!”

The case seems to have dedicated holes : http://www.audiophonics.fr/fr/boitiers-diy-boitiers-divers/boitier-dac-u-sabre-es9018-aluminium-330x230x80mm-p-8921.html

i have already asked them about that with no answer yet

I’ve got an answer, a new version of this DAC is coming without XMOS input board to link a Rasp directly via Gpio


I wonder whether this is the collaboration michelangelo mentioned back in January…

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i don’t know …

Ask them here infoarobaseaudiophonics.fr :wink:

The Pi-DAC B+ (with build in audiophile quality Headphone amp) has now been announced. This is a FULL Raspberry Pi foundation HAT compliant accessory and includes the Pi-DAC’s renowned audio circuitry and components for noise suppression and the Burr Brown derived TI PCM5122 24/192 capable DAC.

You can register to be updated on availability on the tindie web site (tindie.com/products/IQaudIO … erry-pi-b/). The boards are being manufactured as I type and will be available to purchase in a few weeks time (once they have passed the factories production test).

If you have any specific questions, I’m always happy to take a PM.

Michelangelo, it would be good to update the blog to include new PCBs if possible.

Cant wait to get people up and running Volumio on this board. Having a high quality headphone output makes for a great listening experience.


Ready To Ship

dacBerry2+ PCM5102A 384K 32 Bit I2S DAC Module For Raspberry Pi B+

tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php … uct_id=115