Diy - my digit berry

In the last few days I have discovered Volumio and it looks great. I have in WIP a DIY media server based on another media streamer which has many problems with rasspberry PI4 8Gbyte + berry hifi card with digital audio output

  1. Recognize my wifi network
  2. Bluetooth connection
  3. MDP/ALSA error (random and non-repetitive)
  4. Conflicts between USB devices

my question is:

With Volumio, is it better to leave Raspberry or switch to Windows hardware?
In the attachments some videos and images of my project.


Depends on your demands.
If you have a rPi4-8GB, it’s more than enough.
A x86 based device has more power and runs a bit smoother on resource demanding tasks, but it’s uses more power.

Thank you Wheaten.
More important is stability than other characteristics. The digital audio stream does not have a very high bandwidth. More important are the recognition of disk drives and the absence of failure and their connections. I already have a beefy Windows HTPC, but the hardware used would be wasted on just streaming HD audio. So I would definitely bet on Rasberry, but the results obtained with MoOde Audio are discouraging…

if you have HW already, I suggest to give it a try!

please be aware that problems with HDD recognition are usually caused by a poor power supply

I use a inside 400W PC PSU. Also, I have all devices powered separately, and data storage unit is, at the moment, 64 Gbyte 3.0 pen drive FAT32 ( very low consumption) :grimacing:

perfect, that should be good enough for a stable system

My first impression after installing Volumio.

I compared with MoOde Audio on the same hardware (PI 4 - 8 Gbyte + DIGI + pro sound card)

Volumio wins easy, easy. It is very impressive in speed, fluidity and connectivity. No conflicts on USB devices (keyboard, mouse, two large disks, touch display)

Perhaps the touch/display plug-in could be loaded directly during installation… Took me a while to figure out that it was needed.

My test will continue

Little upgrade