Searching for a new parts list for my new DIY streamer


In my new DIY project I decided to use Intel platform instead of RaspBerry PI4 using Volumio: PI4 has unfortunally some limits on the devices, as ricorrent errors like ALSA…

I could start from a mini PC, removing the case, or directly from a dedicated mini mainboard. Unfortunately, it seems that all new mini pc’s or motherboards don’t have a digital audio out connector (toslink or electrical coax). Now, I’m wondering what’s the best way to complete the audio chain… specifically whether to use a DAC (USB in - toslink out), USB sound card, or use an hdmi audio split.

In your opinion that is today a good and cheap list of chain components considering that:

  1. The system must have a toslink/coaxial digital output port

  2. HDMI out port

  3. Ethernet port port

  4. USB 3.0 ports

Thank you


Alsa errors with rPi from the topic are pulled out of it’s context.
I have 1 system, with a hifberry DAC+ Pro which has never run stable. Other rPi systems run without any issue. I am pretty sure that the Hifiberry is the culprit, not the rPi4.

Since your looking for a COAX out, connect the Allo Digione to your rPi. Running it for 2 years now without any problems.

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Thank you Wheaten

Allo Digione has now been an important discovery for me in this world. However I can’t find the precise specifications to understand how many and which ports are installed on the various cards. Where can we download documentation and manuals?. Are there resellers in Europe?
I also think that the ALSA error depends on the HIFI DIGI Berry card, because I have the same problem with MoOde Audio too.



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Thank you again

That’s the purpose of this forum.
Please share the built with the community :slight_smile:

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