"Maphulo" hi-end project (WIP)

After my first streamer project:

Here we here with a new high-end streamer project.

At the moment the case is late because I decided to completely change the style, but I’ll show you my first idea here…

The concept is based on a dual integration hi-fi form factor case/cabinet. In the bigest there is the streamer, in the second a very high quality DAC

I decided to use an x86 minipc, an audio grade low noise linear power supply, a large touch display and a crazy 200mm fan that was very quiet (only 10dB)
These components were selected after my own extensive testing:

-Mele Quiter HD3 Q (Celeron 5105 - 8Gb - 256Gb + 1Tb SSD)
-Noctua NP-A20 PWM (Fan)
-Audio grade linear low noise powe supply 12V 120W
-Touch Display 8,8" or 12,6" wide screen (impact on the final design)

In high load work condiction (100% CUP - 10,4 Watt), after 3 hours CPU Core test registred about 87°C on the CPU without fan, with 27°C in the room. That “insane” Fan reduce the temperature of the CPU more than 13°C, considering that CPU is tested by Intel over 105°C. The fan introduce zero noise!

Please, let me know your opinion and observations


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This is just a preliminary release, the new project is more advanced…
In my work I currently use 3D printers, CNC milling machines, laser cutters and more


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Do you accept preorders :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking about it… :joy:

Very nice! Congratulations!

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Thanks volumio, but I think I still have a couple of months of hard work before reaching an acceptable result. My target is a NO compromise high-end network streamer and Volumio is currently the perfect partner to achieve that goal. I trust a lot in the support of this beautiful community :slightly_smiling_face:

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First part done!

Merry Christmas

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