Date Time issues rPi4

Yes. I can connect it wright now, without DAC only for checking “time issues”

Now I go with my dog but give you know.

no hurry, will flash a V3.611 and then I need to walk a different dog :joy:


Volumio disconnected from the network. I used the USB keyboard and did this:

I power off Volumio and wait with crossed fingers :slight_smile:

I power on Pi4 and turn on Volumio :

It works !!!

Last test.

After all night with powered off Pi4, with disconnected LAN and turned off WLAN i turn on Volumio.

Now I’m sure :+1:

But there are strange words on your screen??? :joy:

Either a faulty spell checker, or possibly a different language? That’s a piękny zegar on the lower unit.

I live in Poland and is in Polish language but you know about it because of “piękny zegar”

This top black Volumio is of my friend’s - Pi4 with a clock problem.

The lower Volumio one is mine. Unit with Pi5, NVMe drive and Xmos USB converter for DAC and power supplies - more is on my DIY thread.

This lowest with NIXIE tube “beautiful clock” is my separate PCM 63-K, tube analog DAC. I added this clock for character, is still on whether the DAC is turned on or not.

I also made others like this:

the oak one is still waiting for a new home.

EDIT: sorry for off topic - but still about clock :rofl:

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Volumio was powered off from “Niedziela” :wink: . I turn it on morning and time still is correct. It mean fully succes with hardware clock.

Thank you @Wheaten for your help (like always) :beer:

I have this cheaper one RTC too.

Need I only change RTC model in dtoverlay in userconfig.txt?