DACs for Odroid C2

Hi, gkkpch.
I have Odroid C2. Where i can see list what of usb dacs and i2s dacs support volumio 2 and volumio 3 for Odroid C2?

Thank you

USB Dacs: in principle most USB Class 2 versions, out-of-thebox.
USB Audio does not need a specific driver, linux has a generic one.
I2S Dacs: as a β€œhat” only the Odroid proprietary Hifi Shields.
I2S Dacs: wired, I only know of simple DACs which people have mentioned in this forum. Just use the search function in the Odroid thread.
There is not much more I can add, there is no list.

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Odroid C2 has no clicks when using usb DAC?

not with any DAC I used and many others confirm usb is fine on C2.

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Are you saying that the issues discussed here have been fixed?

You were asking for the click issues with usb, there should not be any with kernel 3.16 and the afore mentioned affinity settings. In case you need answers to other usb dac issues, like DSD direct support, then you need to be more specific with DAC vendor and model. There is no general answer to that.
Support is as-is, Hardkernel put an EOL on C2/C1, we will continue to build Volumio images, but we will not make any further changes to kernel & drivers.